Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Mini Saturday!

We are back in paradise! Hopefully you will be reading a lot more posts from our visits! Hubby has now retired so we will be able to come more often and maybe stay a little longer each time. 

Today must have been mini day...which is fine with me as I have made a lot of projects lately and need to replenish my supply...
I was a little bit late getting to the beach as I had to load up all the shelling stuff this morning, besides HIGH tide was at 6:30 am so I wanted to catch the tide as it was going toward low.  I did manage to catch the sunrise as I was coming across the causeway.
It always is so beautiful.

The beach was just covered with mini shells, and the Gulf was so was a very slow pace just trying to make sure I didn't miss anything...Ahhhhh!

There were Billions of ark pairs that had opened up...
I couldn't resist this mini horse conch...
 or this coquina butterfly...
also found several mini shark's eyes...
and two sets of jewel boxes...

I had to look this guy up, I believe it is a 'Small False Donax' it is a first for me, I love to find new things!
I couldn't resist this tiny lace murex with it's pink tip, tiny banded tulip, drill and jingles of all different colors!
I did find a 'normal' sized Florida Cone...
and lots of wild many many starfish...with a trio of ibis in the background!
I returned him back to the gulf as I did this tiny brittle starfish

I'm not sure this one made it, he was very dry....

This Calico Crab was enjoying the morning sun...
I noticed this egg casing floating in the gulf, and it appeared to have a rider on it, I picked it up and found this Pygmy Octopus holding onto a live fighting conch, just floating along the shore!!
Here is a quick video I took just before returning them back to the gulf... enjoy!!
So glad to be back Home....stay tuned, I hope to have lots to share!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Thank you for sharing your your 'finds' with us! It sure helps those of us who can't be there very often. Love the video - glad you're back!

    1. My pleasure Sharon! Thanks for stopping by.... I love to blog my 'adventures'!! Glad someone is out there!! :)

  2. Missing Sanibel! Loved your post!

    1. Thank you so much for checking in!!

  3. Oh, I sure needed a Sanibel fix. This couldn't have come at a better time.

    We've had no snow this season to plow so I won't be making a trip to Sanibel this year. I will really be looking forward to your posts.

    My sister is in Naples right now and she said the weather has been gorgeous.


    1. Awww Kim, so sad to hear you won't be coming down, I thought this would be the year we would finally meet!! :( We've been out of touch and I was hoping to catch up! I hope you find the snow so maybe this will change....(did I really just say that?!) ;D Today was just wonderful....I must really be a Floridian because I can't stand the cold any more!!