Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Last Day

Now that I am back home with 50 degree days and 40 degree nights, I just had to post my final walk in paradise on Saturday.  I decided I wanted to see one more beautiful sunrise, so I hit the beach early.

The shelling wasn't fantastic....but the beach always is. Once again I had an escort! :)

How awesome is this? This lone dolphin was slowly swimming along the shore, I actually heard him blowing air before I saw him! I missed the perfect picture, just before this he brought his tail out.
There was so much to see, and I took so many pictures I trimmed it down quite a bit...there were pics of the 'typical' sights like both sides of this Atlantic Giant Cockle

I actually saw two of these Lightning Whelks sporting tassels!
Such a beautiful, calming beach...PERFECT therapy for whatever ails you!
There were lots and lots of shells

I found this huge Lace Murex...yes he went home with me! :)

This Calico Crab was alive and blowing bubbles as the surf bumped him in his face...
How HUGE is this Sand Dollar half? Can you imagine it whole?
It's been a long time since I have found a perfect Top Shell...
And of course, I had to take home my Daddy's favorite, a Shark's eye, with a beautiful 'Paul Newman's eye...

And for Jess this Keyhole Limpet went in my bag...
And for Brad, this cute little nutmeg joined the group...
This trip has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips I have had, nothing like the therapy that these beaches provide! I hope you have enjoyed walking with me as much as I have enjoyed bring them to you!

One final look as I head back to the car... Ahhhh Beautiful!

I still have a few more posts coming up so stay tuned! 

::Shelllady Hugs::

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Relaxing Veterans Day

I decided to try the afternoon tides again, it wasn't very low, but the walk was amazing as usual! The water again was very clear, honestly I can't think of one thing negative to say about this place or the weather!

I saw this guy running around under the surf in water a little over knee deep, and couldn't resist the opportunity for a photo op! It's a hermit crab in a Pear Whelk!
The shell is covered with all kinds of things, including barnacles and carrier shells, click on the pic to enlarge it and check out his eyes! 

I think I could have filled my bag up with Fighting Conchs! I was picking them up by the handful! 

Some, of course were pretty beaten up, but there were tons that were just beautiful.  I, of course, already have too many, but I couldn't resist digging around them to see what else was with them.

You could see them partially buried through the clear water...

I found this bright orange Banded tulip....
And this tiny little perfect Horse Conch...
On the walk back, I found this beautiful Gaudy Nautica... (sorry, the incoming wave in the background took the focus away!) ...
...and this Nutmeg for my son-in-law Brad.

UPDATE: I finally got the Large Horse Conchs cleaned up... It turns out that Hubby's Horse Conch was an Albino! How cool is that? It has a little bit of color near the tip...

I think this has been a GREAT trip for Horse Conchs, don't you?
All shapes, sizes and colors.

Stay tuned, I have a few more posts that I guess I will make after we get home, today is our last day. :(  

It's been such a wonderful and relaxing trip, I believe November is my favorite time of year here, the weather has been perfect, every single day!

Stay tuned...

::Shelllady Hugs::

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Relaxing Thursday!

The weather continues to be glorious here, 81 degrees today, low humidity. I hit the beach about 12:30 and was there until a little before 3 and never got hot in the bright sunshine.  My favorite time of year here!

The water was nice and clear and there was very little wind, just a slight calming breeze.
Since the tides weren't very low, the shelling was best walking in the was another adventure...can you see it?
Another big Horse Conch!

 I dug him up right at the trough where the waves were breaking....the sand inside was like concrete! He was still in there, but believe me he had been dead a long time! Several rinses and he fell right out....
I put him back in the water for someone else to find and enjoy.... a young girl was very happy to find him and immediately ran back to her condo to show him off!

I took these 2 Lightning whelks that were snuggled in with him, I know, I don't need them either, but the one had such gorgeous color, I couldn't resist!
This Banded tulip was snuggled in there too....same thing, dead for a loooong time, and 'concrete' like sand holding him in there....he came home with me too after cleaning him out!
A couple of feet further up the beach...and again VOILA!
Have you ever seen so many carrier shells? This guy was a little smaller, but it would have taken quite an effort to clean, so this one I also left for someone else! 
 He wasn't there when I came back by, so someone else will be happy today! :)
Another pretty lightning whelk that made his way into my bag!

They have certainly been abundant this time!

Once again I didn't leave with a full bag, but I had such a great walk, with a little adventure thrown in!

Here's a video for you to sit back and relax...and enjoy!

Stay tuned, only 2 more days before we leave...

::Shelllady Hugs::

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Nice Anniversary Present!

Today is Hubby and My 19th Anniversary, and we decided to do what we did 19 years ago! Walk the beach between Ocean's Reach and Sundial. We came to Sanibel the first time on our Honeymoon and stayed at the Sundial, we've been coming back ever since! Low tide was at 1:30 today, so we headed out about noon and not long along our walk Hubby found this guy!
He decided not to keep him and left him on the beach for someone else to take home.  In just a few more minutes he found this one!!
Happy Anniversary Honey!! He still had a lot of him inside, but was very much dead! I saved the operculum, this guy went home with US! Hubby hadn't been shelling at all this trip, but made up for it very quickly!

It was very windy and rough so seeing anything in the water was very difficult, he found these two by digging along the edge.

I found another live shark's eye....he's barely peeking out of the sand...
and unfortunately this guy was already dead...a small Horseshoe Crab...
I also found this which is very thin and seems fragile...hence the name...a Painted Egg Cockle...
And I was collecting scallops for a new project....this one I thought had some beautiful colors...
After going for a long walk, we did something we haven't done in a very long time....sat back in chairs under an umbrella and just RELAXED!!
After that we headed to what used to be one of our favorite restaurants, Sanibel Fish House...I can't remember the last time we went there!
They had the doors open by the tables and the weather was perfect!!
...and as I remembered, the food was REALLY good!!
So good that I didn't have room for their awesome Key Lime pie, but I got a piece to go. :)

Here are today's finds soaking after we got home....
UPDATE: The Horse Conchs I found earlier cleaned up beautifully!
Will post an update on Hubby's Horse Conch when it is all cleaned up!!

Like 19 years ago, we had an awesome day...can't beat Sanibel Island for a GREAT place to celebrate! 

As well as our beautiful home in Ft. Myers!
::Shelllady Hugs::