Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tailgating....Hokie Style!!

"After all, is football a game or a religion?" ~Howard Cosell

We went up to Blacksburg VA this weekend for the first home game at Virginia Tech!! If you don't already know, I have become an avid fan!  Home games for us mean tailgating beginning early Saturday morning, if the schedule works out, we cook out for Breakfast AND Dinner!!  This weekend worked out that way, the game started at 12:30, so afterwards the plan was to have some FROGMORE STEW for dinner!!  Jess had been looking forward to his since she was in India!!
Jess and Brad playing 'corn hole'...(Check out how skinny Brad has become!! He looks AMAZING!!)  He is working really hard to continue with his diet...(even though we (the in-laws) keep tempting him with all this GREAT FOOD!) :)
Hubby and I got out early and setup the site, Jess and Brad came and were able to park beside us, giving us a nice little piece of property for our tailgate!!
Setup and ready to start cooking Breakfast!
 Hubby and I cooked bacon and pancakes, (plain and blueberry) for breakfast!!

Hanging out AFTER Breakfast!!
We were lucky enough to be entertained by the Corps of Cadet "Highty Tighties" as they practiced for their first home game of the year!!  Here is a little 'snipet' for your enjoyment!
Here are the Highty Tighties heading to the game in full uniform!!

Here is the view from our seats!! LOVE IT!!!

Jess and Brad got season's passes too this the 50 Yard line!! How about that for great seats!!
The view from Jess and Brad's seats!!

After we snuffed out Applachian State (66-13), we met back at the truck to start the stew!! We all pitched in to shuck the corn, cut up the kielbasa and adding the flavors and get it to start boiling!!

About the time we got the potatoes and Sausage in the pot with the spices, we looked up and noticed a VERY ominous sky!! 

Hubby quickly got on his laptop and found that we were under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning!!  We quickly decided to pack up and head out to Jess and Brad's to continue our 'tailgate' at their house!! We threw it all in the truck and took off!! By the time we got to their house (10 Minutes) the storm hit BIG time!! Hubby and I got soaked carrying the stuff in from the truck!!  That's okay, we continued our 'tailgate' inside!!  We setup the table cloths and paper platters on the table and continued the stew on Jess' stove!!  I absolutely love to cook outside, but I do have my limits!! :)

Crab Boil, new potatoes and kielbasa sausage...and of course one bottle of beer...your choice of what kind!!

Fresh Corn on the cob, and Fresh shrimp to finish it up!!

Pour it all out into a pan and Dig in!!
The secret to the stew is to add things separately so that it all cooks JUST right!! Of course, potatoes first, then the Kielbasa, let the potatoes cook until ALMOST done, then add the corn, cook (slow boil) for 9-10 minutes....add the shrimp for the last 5 minutes or so!!   I always sprinkle the shrimp with some Old Bay as soon as we take it up... Put butter, cocktail sauce, roasted garlic grinder, salt, pepper and whatever else you want to dress things up with on the table!! It's a lot of fun to make and GREAT FOOD!!

Jess and I are working on the menu for the next home 2 weeks!! I'll keep you posted!!