Monday, June 29, 2015

Sea Glassing for Sanity!

I have been working at my Mom and Dad's house preparing for an estate sale...and that date is quickly approaching, so I have been there so much the last few weeks. Besides being so much hard work, it has also been quite an emotional journey. Hubby headed down to our place in Ft. Myers this week, and I couldn't get that our of my this afternoon I took a little mini vacation (a therapy session) of my own, looking for sea glass at one of our local beaches. It was a beautiful day, and there was a slight breeze so it was just perfect....

not Sanibel perfect, but a pretty good substitution. It's very rocky, starting off with a rock jetty right at the entrance....and this was the first thing I saw....

Angel Wings!!!!!!.....Hundreds of them!! These are fairly rare at the beaches we frequent in Florida, so you can imagine my surprise....and horror!  They were broken to bits!

They were all so thin and fragile....when I could find one in good shape, I broke it in my pocket...I didn't think I needed to bring a shell bag...I was going for sea glass!! I continued down the beach, and resumed my search for sea glass....

 See it?

There are so many colorful rocks and shell bits, you really have to concentrate to find the small bits of glass....the colored ones are easier, but there are many clear pieces as well...

 There are some really awesome rocks too!

 Is this called "Sea Brick" ?

 "Sea Plastic"?

I did see a few familiar shells, a few Shark's eyes (or Moon Snail)
and a few oyster shells, including this huge one...

 On the way back up the beach, I did manage to find a few whole angel wings, piddocks and false angel wings and just held them carefully in my hand to get them safely to the car. Not a bad day!
And of course, the therapy glass...
If you look closely, there are several different colors here, they didn't photograph very well, there is a deep green, another green...almost lime green, and some light teal, as well as the clear.  The therapy did me good!!!



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Father's Day from Daddy's Girl

As you know, my Dad passed away in 2012 and I think of him daily. I am currently cleaning out my parents house preparing for an estate sale in July, and there are times when it is rather difficult. My Mom is still here so we have spent a few trips lately walking down memory lane as we go through everything.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Dad....He was born in North Carolina, the oldest of 10 children. Seven of those children lived to adulthood, and are still with us today. There is 20 years difference between him and his youngest sibling, a brother.  My Dad joined the Air Force just before graduation from High School, so he didn't even get to know that brother until they were stationed at the same base together, many years later.  My Dad knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a pilot.  He and 3 other high school buddies got together and bought themselves a plane! When Daddy joined the Air Force in 1945, they closed pilot training because WWII was over.  A few months later they reopened pilot school and Daddy re-joined, and loved every moment of his 30 year career in the Air Force, he flew F-80s in Korea, and F-105s in Vietnam, and many other planes.  He had homemade and some professional models of all the planes he flew in a case that he made, in our house, as far back as I can remember. He talked about flying all the time, and about all of his experiences in and out of the Air Force.

Today, I took my Dad's most prized possessions out of the house, his plane collection....I forgot to take a picture of them in the case, but did take them individually....

 This is an F-105 (called a "Thud")....look closely.....

For some reason, this one is especially special to me!! ;)
This is exactly how it looked on his plane in Vietnam!! Talk about feeling special!! :D

This was the last plane he flew....a Delta Dart (F-106)
With his planes, and case I took some other Very special things.....

 A plaque I found in the attic, from Vietnam ....
 Has a map of the entire area on it.....I don't remember ever seeing this.
And of course I got his medals....
...and his patches.
I also found his helmet bag in the attic!!!!! 

....and added his helmet
...and his hat!
He marked his missions on the rim....I cannot remember for sure the difference between the red and black ones....
All these things will be cleaned up and placed in a place of honor at our home in Florida soon, I will eventually be passing them on to our daughter Jess, and her son Joseph. (Joseph's middle name "Harvey" is my Dad's middle name also) :)  

Today was a pretty tough day, I am surprised how emotional I got, I have been at this for a long time, but somehow taking these things out today was very difficult. Maybe because Father's Day is coming up, who knows why emotions are easily triggered sometimes....It's kinda 'funny', but secretly in my heart I just kept saying..."Daddy has left the building".... Very Strange. <3


Monday, June 15, 2015

A Two-fer post!

I promised myself that I would post more often, this post is sadly very tardy!  I have 'met' some wonderful people since I became a blogger.  Somehow you meet many other people with similar interests, no matter where they live. One of these amazing buddies is Kim from Snug Harbor Bay.  I have found that we have so much in common, not only that we are both Sanibel lovers, but there are so many other things! We will meet in person one day, and I am sure we will find that there is so much more we have in common!! Kim has made me yet another wonderful gift... Such a thoughtful person!!

Can you read it? it says 'Shell Lady' with a smilie face and heart on each side!! I love it!! Thank you so Much Kim!!  These bracelets are so awesome, I think she should put them in her Etsy shop! Don't you? Thank You So Much Kim! Such a thoughtful gift!!

I wanted to update you on Joseph also, He is growing like a weed....I went to help Jess and watch Joseph while Brad was out of town, and had a blast!! Joseph learned to grab things, and is well on his way to crawling, it won't be long before he figures it out! He's such a cutie, and a great baby boy!! 
 We did some shopping, and while Mommy tried on clothes Joseph and I played in the mirror!

I sent updates to Mommy at work everyday....I have to remember that when I take selfies, I'm in the picture too! For some reason I can't remember that, and end up looking pretty silly....but what fun!!

I bought him this cool stroller.....How neat is this....a SHARK STROLLER!!!

He is such an awesome little guy......

Jess sent this yesterday....he was holding his own bottle!!! :o
 ...and they are such a beautiful Family!!