Monday, June 15, 2015

A Two-fer post!

I promised myself that I would post more often, this post is sadly very tardy!  I have 'met' some wonderful people since I became a blogger.  Somehow you meet many other people with similar interests, no matter where they live. One of these amazing buddies is Kim from Snug Harbor Bay.  I have found that we have so much in common, not only that we are both Sanibel lovers, but there are so many other things! We will meet in person one day, and I am sure we will find that there is so much more we have in common!! Kim has made me yet another wonderful gift... Such a thoughtful person!!

Can you read it? it says 'Shell Lady' with a smilie face and heart on each side!! I love it!! Thank you so Much Kim!!  These bracelets are so awesome, I think she should put them in her Etsy shop! Don't you? Thank You So Much Kim! Such a thoughtful gift!!

I wanted to update you on Joseph also, He is growing like a weed....I went to help Jess and watch Joseph while Brad was out of town, and had a blast!! Joseph learned to grab things, and is well on his way to crawling, it won't be long before he figures it out! He's such a cutie, and a great baby boy!! 
 We did some shopping, and while Mommy tried on clothes Joseph and I played in the mirror!

I sent updates to Mommy at work everyday....I have to remember that when I take selfies, I'm in the picture too! For some reason I can't remember that, and end up looking pretty silly....but what fun!!

I bought him this cool stroller.....How neat is this....a SHARK STROLLER!!!

He is such an awesome little guy......

Jess sent this yesterday....he was holding his own bottle!!! :o
 ...and they are such a beautiful Family!!



  1. I'm so glad you like your bracelet! And I can't wait to meet you in person one of these days.

    Joseph is the happiest, most adorable baby. You must love him to pieces.

    1. I do so love my bracelet!!! Thank You again Kim! We are gonna meet one day soon I hope! Yes Joseph is a happy baby, and such a joy! <3

  2. Joseph looks like a very happy baby great smiles, and you look like one happy Gma. I see many beach adventures coming your way

    1. RC--I can't wait to get him (and his parents) out there on the beach, so much to show him!! He IS such a happy baby boy!!