Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Playing with Hummers!

Hi all! I haven't been able to get away to the beach in our paradise in Florida in a few months, but I'm still here! The last few days I've been watching my hummingbirds. I have 3 and they have been so active...having to refill my feeder every other day. I love these little guys and make sure I keep them coming back year after year...

Some of you may know that one of the things on my 'Bucket List' (See tab at top of this blog) is to feed a hummingbird by hand....
I've been trying for years and have had no luck, they will feed on the feeder when I'm on the porch....sometimes, but never any chance of getting close!

I video them through my front window..... (can't tell you how many videos I have!!)

A couple of days ago, I decided to try again with my hand feeder.....I went out there, stuck it out there and focused my Iphone on it.....

Low and Behold....Look what I got!!!!

I was SOOOO was difficult to hold still!!!

I tried one more time....if you look off to the right down low on this next video, you can see her there by my's dark so look closely! She didn't feed but she's there!

I haven't had much luck in the last couple of days, there is a male that seems to warn her when she gets near....he buzzes at time he even hit her and knocked this feather out!!!! So tiny....right after I took this pic, a breeze blew and it blew away! :(

I am going to keep trying....we'll see how it works out!! 

But for now, I can cross this off of my list!! 

I hope to get back to paradise some time in September, we'll see how it goes!

::Shelllady Hugs::