Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back Where they started....

I fully intended to post this a few weeks ago, but it completely slipped my mind.  I am trying to post more regularly, life however continues to take more and more of my free time. 

I try to have a project each time we go home to Ft. Myers, all with the intention of making our new home, our own.  I think it's funny that for almost 18 years we have traveled home from our Sanibel trips with the famous 'shell bag'.  This bag contained all of our special prized shell possessions from each trip.  Whether we flew or drove, I made it MY job to protect this bag.  I finally have gotten these shells organized by type in our garage here in Virginia.  The last trip back to our home in Florida, I carried some of these boxes BACK!  These shells are now on display where they belong, in Florida! 

Jess and Brad gave me a beautiful glass cylinder,  this last trip I filled it up and put it on display. It's proudly located right by the front door and full past the top with lightning whelks!


On the landing of the stairs are 3 more cylinders I purchased a few trips back...
Another with lightning whelks....
Tulips..both banded and true...

...and Alphabet cones....this one needs some more work....the alphies have been pretty scarce for us lately...

I know I had many more, but there are many in my tables, so I need to get to work! ;)

I have an amazing shelf over the cabinets in the kitchen, so took advantage of part of this with these....
 This pitcher is full with juvenile fighting conchs....
 ...and how appropriate, a salad dressing container full of Olives (oil)!!
Eventually all the shells will be back home in Florida, it's fun trying to be creative with them, I remember when and where I got many of the special shells, such wonderful memories!  


Friday, March 20, 2015

First Sunrise of Spring!

Let me start out with showing the tally of shells this week, this is Monday through Thursday. Good shells, but not nearly as abundant as our usual shelling.

 Very Large Sunray Venus Clams I found at Bunche Beach yesterday,
Sunray Venus Clams, coquina (butterflies), kitten paws and jingles
This is a Kings Crown I got yesterday at Bunche Beach, It will take a miracle to get all of these organisms and stuff off.....but I'm going to try....I can see the points on all three rows! Stay tuned for how this turns out! I will work on it when we get home...

Small coral bits found on Sanibel

Mini sand dollars from Bunche Beach yesterday.

We got to Sanibel early this morning, and there was a bit of a chill to the air....even the sand felt a little bit cool under my feet. It was by no means cold, and the Gulf didn't even have any 'shock' to it when you walked in it.  We were so early we beat most of the birds there this morning! These guys came flying in just before I snapped this!
I took this just has these guys ran in from the park, and took flight....hunting for breakfast!
...As the sun appeared, so did the birds! It just looks like spring doesn't it?....Pinks, yellows, oranges, lavendars....

It was another beautiful morning, Spring has Sprung..... 

The stars were out....

Even this Brittle star was dancing a jig...
Check out this HUGE piece of coral!
I noticed a little bit of spring orange color in the sand, see it?.....could it be????

YESSSSS! Score!! One of my favorites, a Horse Conch! 
From this moment on, the shelling was SO much better than the days previous! Our last day was a success, and so much fun!!

Remember the pic at the beginning of this post, shells from the last 4 days?.....Here is just today's finds!
Now that's more like it!!!! 

Here is the Horse Conch all cleaned up, notice the 'repairs' he has done over his growing!
Notice Hubby's Horse Conch on the left of the ruler in that awesome deep orange, and I got an angel wing too!
Seems purple or pink was the scallop color of the day!
I found this Florida Cone in it's Springy colors....
...and this small King's Crown!
I'd call today a success, wouldn't you??? It was a welcome change!! 

We head back North tomorrow....it was 84 here today, and a high of 48 at home in Virginia, not looking forward to that, but that's why we call this paradise...right?? I will have some more posts in a few days....! Stay tuned, and thanks so much for tagging along with us!


Sunset at Bunche Beach.

This will be a fairly short post, as I opted to stay in bed this morning so I wasn't at Sanibel for the sunrise.  I did however get my beach fix and the sunset at Bunche Beach in Ft. Myers.  It's about 5 minutes or so from our house.  Bunche is on a mud flat, so the shells we find here are different then most of the ones on Sanibel. I usually see lots of live shells, crabs....and a lot of neat stuff!!

This is a tiny horseshoe crab, they were everywhere, moving about in the mud.  Most of them were covered in the mud and you could just see the trail they would leave when they moved. This one is a little larger than a quarter and very colorful!
 Kings Crowns are another thing you see lots of on the mud flats, These 4 kings crowns seem to be feasting on this minnow?! Not sure what the story is here....

This beautiful Kings Crown is live, you can see his black 'tail' sticking out the end of the shell.  I love these, they are beautiful when they have their spines intact!

As promised I got sunset pics, it happened so fast! I am always amazed how rapidly it 'falls' from the sky! It is equally as beautiful as the sunrise.  The bridge you see in the pic is the causeway bridge to Sanibel!

....and just like that, this day is done.  

Shelling at Bunche was very thin as it has been on Sanibel. Tomorrow is our last day, I will post the pics of this weeks shells, and hopefully have some new adventures to share.   Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sanibel Morn

Another beautiful morning in paradise.  Hubby decided to sleep in so I went to Sanibel solo this morning, the shelling was ok, but the views continued to impress.  I will clean the shells we have tomorrow just to show you what we have.

Love the colors this morning....notice the bright crescent moon, looks almost like a typical Florida postcard, don't you think?

This morning's greeting came from a squadron of pelicans in nearly perfect formation...
The sunrise was once again beautiful and nearly on fire!

Live was the theme again this morning, like this bright sea star....
 Lightning Whelk egg cases were all over the beach this morning, quite a few more than yesterday.
 These ibis were very bold in their mating colors....they almost look painted!

We spent a lot of time today working on projects at home, and when we sat down for lunch we got to see 'Big Bubba' ! I would guess he was 5 or 6 feet long. He was in the pond behind our house.....Lily, our chihuahua will not be spending time out back!!

I went and checked on our owl neighbors, and the 'babies' were still hanging out together on a different branch.....
....While Mom or Dad watched from the next tree....
I have to say, this trip has shown us so much wildlife! I love it!!!

Hopefully I will have some shell pics for you tomorrow along with all the wildlife!! Stay tuned!

For now, come along on the stroll with me this morning, sit back and just relax.....