Sunday, May 31, 2020

Last Days in Paradise

My time in Paradise has very quickly come to an end, and though there was not much beach therapy, as the parking remains closed (until tomorrow), I did get in a few walks for some therapy! This time I tried Bunche Beach in Ft.'s a beach on the Mud Flats and almost always guarantees some sort of an adventure. You never know what you are going to see! I saw several young Live Kings Crowns....
I was fortunate to find a couple that were empty! I think they will clean up beautifully!

There must have been hundreds of live Marginella!!! These guys are about the size of a large lemon seed just to give you a reference.
My friend Cheri, the Bird-nerd loves to go here to see the seems to be a favorite stopping point for them during migration.  During one of our previous trips, she introduced me to Bunche, a White, Reddish Egret....he has a transponder on him so they can follow him.  He was there when I was...
Meet Bunche...

If you look closely you can see the transponder on his back.... today he had a youngster with him....also with the unusual White color....and somewhat feisty toward Bunche...I wonder if he is one of his younguns....would be interesting to find out!!

I found quite a few Rose and also White Tellins during this evening walk...
One morning I hit Captiva at Turner Beach....and look what I found!!
Turtle tracks!!!

I was so excited! It wasn't marked so I called the local Turtle people and let them know, I'm hoping it was actually a nest! I can't wait until I get to be a turtle person!!

The water here has been absolutely beautiful...nearly that Caribbean Blue you hear about....and crystal clear!!

Once again, I have spent a lot of my time Painting  and hiding also is addicting and so fun!! 

Hopefully I will be back before too long, I hope that you and your families will stay safe and healthy!! 

Here's a little Beach Therapy for you to enjoy!!!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Social Distancing Florida Style

If I've got to have social distancing...what better place than Florida?! I have taken a couple of nice walks on the beach, and after the holiday weekend, I'm hoping to take a few more before we leave. Most public parking is still closed on Sanibel so it is difficult to get there, otherwise you would be getting more frequent posts! :) These pictures are a group from different places...
My favorite find so far is this horse conch....I know beauty is in the eye of the (be)holder....right?
What do you think now?

I soaked it in bleach water for days, frequently removing it and using a pic, knife, and a strong brush...then putting it back in the water...I'd say it was worth it!! This is my favorite size Horse Conch!

I also love these Atlantic Wing Oysters....they are so fragile and aren't real common, they insides are always iridescent...this trip I found 3!
I picked up a few Wentletraps...another favorite!
Beautiful True Tulip...
and I found this Spiny Jewel box with my foot!!!!!!
Nice one, but would have preferred to find it the 'old fashioned way'!

I got a few minis also....(notice the inside of the Wing Oysters)
That's a penny in there to give you a size comparison...

look at that Albino Sharks Daddy would be I've said before, Sharks eyes were his favorite!

I saw a lot of Life while I was on these walks, that means as much...or even more to me than the shelling....

How about this Sea Star??...Sea X??? How cool is that?
There were lots of Sea Stars out there....

I even had the pleasure of seeing a Dolphin slowly swimming and feeding...
and of course, I love my Pelicans!!

I've been spending lots of time painting shells and hiding them either early morning or late evening. It keeps people from seeing me being sneaky and keeps me away from people. Here's a few I've just finished... so fun!!

and of course, I have needed to restock since it looks like we'll be staying in for at least a while longer....
I hope you all are well and I hope to post more soon!!
Back to the paint brush!!! Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Beach Therapy May 2020

I hope this post finds you and your loved ones in good health. Like you all, Hubby and I have been quarantined since Mid March, my Mom is on lock down in an assisted living place, and we have been learning the new normal.  After days of cold, rain and then hot, then cold again with no light at the end of the tunnel as Virginia remains in a complete lockdown, Hubby and I decided to head to our other home in Florida where things are slowly opening up.  I have done a LOT of shell painting during these couple of months and spreading those was also cancelled until this week!!! 

So today I started spreading smiles with shells on our favorite island, Sanibel!! I painted 2 shoeboxes full of these guys during this quarantine!!! Here's a few examples!

After spreading a few at some favorite spots, I went on a long slow therapeutic walk on the beach!!

There were lots of birds,
I even saw a cow nose ray.....look in the circle!
can you see him in that crystal clear water??

This is turtle season on Sanibel, there were soooo many nests! See the track?
This nest was too close to the water....
on my way back up the beach, the turtle folks had moved it up above the high tide line! Hopefully that will be me one day!!

The shelling wasn't great, I managed to restock some of my collection of shells to paint, found this perfect tiny Nutmeg....

and this beautiful Scallop....the picture doesn't do it Bright!!
Pardon the swollen hands....I got to get back into shape, plan on as many of these walks as I can do!!! (If I can walk tomorrow). ;)

Facebook videos of the beach has really helped me during this down time so I thought I would add on to peaceful! Turn up the volume and listen to it all....guaranteed to make you relax!!!!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::