Friday, January 6, 2017

We're Still Here!

I haven't posted in the last few days for two reasons, first, the tides haven't been very good since that very first day and with the winds the shelling hasn't been very good.  And, I ended up with a miserable cold, so I didn't even go out to the beach for 2 days! Can you imagine? You know I must not have felt well to stay home!

Today was the first day I left the house, and decided to do something a little different.  My parking pass also works at the boat ramp on Sanibel and I have always wanted to check out the beach beside it so I figured why not go on an adventure?!

The path from the parking lot leads right below the causeway bridges...

As you can tell the water was very clear, I could feel myself getting better by the minute...just something about the Gulf that will heal whatever ails ya!

When I first stepped off the path to the beach I saw this little land snail shell that was vacant, so it came home with me!
 There were huge piles of plain white shells all along this little beach...
The water was nice and clear and I saw this Live Lightening Whelk...

Put him back safely in the Gulf, and continued on down the little beach...
I did find a set of Rose Tellins, which I don't find very often! The practically glowed against all the stark white shells...
I found this shell tree at the very end of the beach! The story goes that you find a shell with a hole in it and place it on the tree while making a wish...I love the traditions on this island!! :)  Several people have been here before me and made their wishes!

I thought for a minute I had Scored with this Kings Crown....
unfortunately, not this time!!
I headed back up the beach and snapped a quick pic of Sanibel Lighthouse just up the beach the other way!
Then back to my tried and true beach, Gulfside Park beach... It was REALLY rough and the waves were really rolling in! It's hard to see that in this pic, but this guy was really surfing out there!
The seafoam was all over the beach!
 I think this guy gave up on fishing...he was probably sea sick!
I walked my normal route and alas, found no shells, but I still enjoy the may be my last this trip! It's supposed to be stormy here tomorrow and we are to head back to the Blizzard up North on Sunday!!! (Maybe)

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Friday, December 30, 2016

We are Spending the New Year in Paradise!

Hubby and I decided to 'run-away' for the new year this year! We had a great Christmas with family. As I'm sure it is for you it's always pretty hectic for me, so we felt like we needed some 'Down South' time. Warm days and beach walks just sounded like the thing to do.  Imagine my surprise when I got up before dawn this morning for the very first day of shelling and it was 55 and windy.  I know that doesn't sound cold, and it wouldn't have to me compared to home in Virginia, but it felt very cold, especially when I was expecting upper 60s and low 70s first thing in the morning.  We have been watching the days in the 80s for several weeks now. Surprise!! But that also means North winds, which means the shells will be coming... So I threw on my water shoes, a sweatshirt, (tomorrow I will also have on gloves), grabbed my flashlight and away I went to my favorite place in the whole world! Sanibel Island.

(I have to apologize for these first few pics, it was dark and I was using a flashlight, and obviously couldn't see very well) But the very first thing I saw was another HUGE horse conch buried in the sand...

 (Out of focus, but you can see the top edge just to the right of the cone....)
Right next to it was a nice little Florida Cone, just waiting to come home with me
I left the horse conch for someone else to take home, maybe next time for me.

The tides were the lowest I have seen them in a very long time, and I was picking up mini shells from the very start...sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.
on theleft is a Banded Tulip, top is a Nutmeg and bottom is a Sharks Eye

left is a Chestnut Turban, top is a Drill and right is an Apple Murex

Top left is another Shark's eye, then a tiny Lightning Whelk, a small Dosina pair and another colorful small Lightning Whelk

It was pretty dark when I arrived...
Pretty quickly it began to get lighter and I could see that the sandbar was completely out of the water!

and Viola....a little Alphabet Cone was waiting there just for me!

What a great way to start the day...

The nutmegs were very plentiful today...I think I came home with 6, including this monster...never seen one so big, though not perfect, he went in my shell bag...
My Dad must have been there with me because I came home with 7 perfect Shark's eye...

Including one that looked like an Albino, complete with a pink eye!
You can see how much of the beach was exposed, 

it would be very easy to miss something special if you don't take your time and study....I tend to get over anxious and try to cover lots of ground, and I know I miss something!

I did see this nice Angel Wing, nestled up with this Cockle trying to get warm! SCORE!

...I found this pretty Gaudy Nautica...
Jewel Box pair...
...and Pear Whelk
and managed to find 3 Sand Dollars that were not live....a fellow Shellinator gave me this pretty pink Sea Urchin....
There was lots of life out there today, Many Many live Sand Dollars a few were barely peeking out, but most were hiding under the sand...
Lots of live Millipede Sea Stars....
...and these unusual looking Orbs....not sure what they are, kind of look like they might be in the Sea Squirt family, but they are different and very pretty...

I will try to research it and get back to you!! 

Stay tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Last Day

Now that I am back home with 50 degree days and 40 degree nights, I just had to post my final walk in paradise on Saturday.  I decided I wanted to see one more beautiful sunrise, so I hit the beach early.

The shelling wasn't fantastic....but the beach always is. Once again I had an escort! :)

How awesome is this? This lone dolphin was slowly swimming along the shore, I actually heard him blowing air before I saw him! I missed the perfect picture, just before this he brought his tail out.
There was so much to see, and I took so many pictures I trimmed it down quite a bit...there were pics of the 'typical' sights like both sides of this Atlantic Giant Cockle

I actually saw two of these Lightning Whelks sporting tassels!
Such a beautiful, calming beach...PERFECT therapy for whatever ails you!
There were lots and lots of shells

I found this huge Lace Murex...yes he went home with me! :)

This Calico Crab was alive and blowing bubbles as the surf bumped him in his face...
How HUGE is this Sand Dollar half? Can you imagine it whole?
It's been a long time since I have found a perfect Top Shell...
And of course, I had to take home my Daddy's favorite, a Shark's eye, with a beautiful 'Paul Newman's eye...

And for Jess this Keyhole Limpet went in my bag...
And for Brad, this cute little nutmeg joined the group...
This trip has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips I have had, nothing like the therapy that these beaches provide! I hope you have enjoyed walking with me as much as I have enjoyed bring them to you!

One final look as I head back to the car... Ahhhh Beautiful!

I still have a few more posts coming up so stay tuned! 

::Shelllady Hugs::