Monday, May 29, 2017

Tidal Pool Minis

If you have been following my posts, you know that I was trying to decide whether to go to Sanibel Lighthouse, or back to the new found tidal pools.  I sort of decided as I was on the way to try the lighthouse.  As I was crossing the Causeway, I could not believe how many people were there....EVERYWHERE!! Parked all over the grass, the beach, there was absolutely no where to park, people crossing back and forth trying to find a place to was a mad house.  I continued on and turned toward the lighthouse, and it was just as bad...people lined up to find waiting for someone to leave so they could all 3 parking lots!!  NOOOO! This was not for me!  So I headed back to my safe place, Gulfside City Park.  I had no problem finding a spot, and off I went....a little late due to the detour and fighting to get around everyone...but I was finally on my way down the beach.

I noticed that the water was much clearer today...
The tidal pools didn't seem to be nearly as productive as they had been previously.... I did find an Alphabet and Florida Cone....But I didn't keep them, way too worn!  I know, now I'm getting picky!! ;)  I did keep the little Horse Conch!

I guess because I was going to the lighthouse, where I typically find minis, I did start noticing minis... Though the Wentletrap on the left is pretty large, a large mini!! 
Above the Wentletrap I believe is a Stocky Cerith, mini horseconchs, a tiny Shark's eye, a bright orange ribbed Cantharus, a tiny Lightning Whelk and at the top, the smallest sunray venus I have ever seen!
A few more steps and I found this Top shell, an Auger, another mini Horse conch, Shark's eye and a juvenile Fighting Conch.

I thought for a second I had scored a small Alphabet Cone....NOT, it was just the top and one side!
Then I had a bit of a dry spell, saw a lot of live shells....tonight I saw this BEAUTIFUL Live Paper Fig....Isn't he Gorgeous? Look at that color!!

I don't know what the black things are along the edge, but isn't he awesome, it felt very strange crawling on my hand.....I carefully put him back into the tidal pool where I found him!

I found this Huge piece of Coral there too!
This Banded Tulip has had a really hard life!!
I did find this pretty little True Tulip....
it was empty so into my shell bag he went, along with this almost albino little pear whelk....
and a few more minis
From top, a tiny Pear Whelk, Button shell, Mini lace murex and a tiny banded tulip
On my trip back to the car, I noticed some more 'wildlife' and couldn't resist taking a couple of videos...

A live long spined Sea Urchin...
I was trying to catch this little crab playing peek-a-boo under this pen shell, and noticed some movement beside him, check this guy out.....your guess is a s good as mine as to what he is...he was about and inch or inch and a half neat is this little guy?! He looks like something out of an aquarium!
I spent all day today at the Shellcrafters and had a great time, so no more shelling for me, as I had to pack up tonight, but check back. It won't be too long before I will be posting....I might show you some of the awesome shellcrafts we do....and I'll be back home to Ft. Myers pretty soon! 

Thanks so much for coming along with me!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tidal Pool Life

I was out on Sanibel Island early again last night, you would think I would learn since I'm so tired when I finally get dark! But I enjoy it so much, I just can't help myself! This time I knew the tidal pools were there, so I headed directly there, at a little faster pace than usual....what treasures will today bring? 

There were shells all up the beach, luckily my feet have toughened up, though at times it was a little difficult to walk....
 The water was very calm, and was looking clearer yet....doesn't this just make you sign with an AHHHHHHH!? Beach Therapy has begun.
I actually found 2 Banded Tulips first thing, just under the sand and gave them to a family that was searching the surf....they just couldn't understand why I didn't keep them for myself....if they only knew just how many I already had!!! ;)

Just before I reached the tidal pools I noticed that there were Billions of Coquina playing in the surf in several areas...I love these guys!!

I hadn't been in the tidal pool very long before I saw a familiar shape on the bottom....see it?
 SCORE...!!! Okay, I can't complain about not finding these guys any more!
Could it be?? A little further down the pool and once again? REALLY??
How beautiful is this??? SCORE Again? Look how big and Bright!!!
I turned him over....WHAT??!! He's alive!! I rarely have found them alive, it was so Awesome! Bittersweet too, I would love to take this monster home, but I think it was even more awesome that he was alive, to grow and Multiply!
I carefully put him back under some sand, I hope he makes it!!

Today was definitely Shark's eye day....
 ...I got to take home some minis for my collection too...
 Small Horse Conch, Baby Lightning Whelks, Juvenile fighting conchs, orange jingle, tiny Bruised Nassa. Flyspeck Cerith, Amazing orange striped Turban, Lightning Whelk, and another Horsie!

A Coral colored Florida Cone...
 And another tiny Lace Murex with a bright orange point!

I found 2 more Spiny Jewelbox pairs...
 ...and this Awesome Gaudy Nautica!
 A Glowing orange True Tulip....
Speaking of Glowing....check out this guy...A BEAUTIFUL Florida Cone....I suspected this guy would be alive....
 ...and I was right! I realized that I shouldn't have held him as I did in the pic above, some of these guys are known to have a pretty good sting to them....don't do what I do!!! :)
 I also found this pretty little King's Crown....He was empty, so into my shell bag he went!
I picked up this Sunray Venus half too, we don't find too many of these and the King's Crown's here normally, they are usually on the mudflats, but I'm sure the recent storms have shaken things up a bit!
This Live Pear Whelk, was traveling to the Gulf tonight, just like the Horse Conch did last night, they are so beautiful, and very graceful!

Once again, I spent too much time exploring, and had to high-tail it back to the car so it wouldn't be completely dark!
I just can't stop, I walked quickly, but kept my eye down on the beach, and picked up a few more treasures.....and I even passed up on some Lightning Whelks this time!! (Although I pointed some out for a family so THEY could take them home! They were really tickled!!)

Stay Tuned, one more awesome night of shelling and exploring....can't decide if I'm going to the tidal pools again, or to Sanibel Lighthouse for minis...Decisions, Decisions!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Check out the Sliver of the moon last night...So Beautiful!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Finally! Tidal Pool Shelling!

I went out early again last night, and what a beautiful walk it was! The Gulf is beginning to clear from the storms, you can almost see into the surf. 
As I headed down the beach, I saw this little beauty peeking through the sand...can you tell what it is?
That's right! A Lace Murex...
There are still lots of life moving around out there....which is just Awesome, I love seeing it all!
This live Lightning Whelk was splashing around in the surf, so I took him out to the deep water after his photo op...
 This is a live Millipede Sea Star....
And check out this BEAUTIFUL live True Tulip...
I couldn't pass on the chance of getting a photo of these 2 live sea urchins, and the tiny sea star, they are chillin' out in a pen shell...
This Osprey was taking a bath in the Gulf! First time I have ever seen that!

The highlight for me is that the tidal pools are returning! They had disappeared during winter storms this year. My most favorite type of shelling is in the tidal pool, it's almost like meditation, you walk along very slowly, not splashing or disturbing the sand so you can see what is down there, it takes quite a bit of concentration...the bestest therapy!
Once again, I walked further down the beach than I should have....but I was meditating and studying! Here are just some of my finds for this evening...

A Gaudy Nautica...
 I'll never pass up Shark's eyes....
If you click and make this picture bigger, you can see into the bottom of the tidal pool, when shelling in the tidal pool, you have to be very still, and you see it?? I circled it in the middle of the penshells....
 SCORE!!! Finally, a Beautiful Alphabet Cone! I almost did a dance right there in the middle of the tidal pool!
I found several Double Jewel boxes...
 Just a few inches over from the Alphabet, I saw this guy.....PLEASE be empty...It's one of my favorites!
SCORE #2 It was empty, and quickly slipped into my bag with my other treasures!

 I did also find a live one, I carefully put him back into the pool to grow up and multiply! :)
I couldn't believe that I found this HUGE Angel Wing in the tidal pool, near where a lot of children were playing....Notice he fixed himself at some point, I've always been impressed with how these animals can do that! I went home with 2 more angel wings tonight!
A sweet little Baby's Ear...

 Another score....this Horse Conch was empty also!
 I love the color of this Top Shell....
 Check out this Mini Lace Murex, with the neon pink tip...he joined the rest in my bag!
How about this 'Giraffe Inspired' Chestnut Turban??
 Is this the smallest most perfect Nutmeg you have seen?
I was lucky enough to find several different size True Tulips tonight also, this guy nearly glowed in the dark, as it was getting dusk...I needed to head back!
Love the color of this Paper fig!
I walked too far, and stayed too late...but I just couldn't tired, but so much fun finding all these awesome treasures!
It got dark, pretty quickly, and I high-tailed it to the car, the last little bit was pretty dark, but it was Oh so worth it!

Stay tuned, only a couple more shelling trips left, low tide is right after dark, so I anticipate coming home in the dark again! ;)

Check out the video below of the Huge Horse Conch heading from the Tidal pool to the Gulf...moving right along!!

::Shelllady Hugs::