Monday, May 29, 2017

Tidal Pool Minis

If you have been following my posts, you know that I was trying to decide whether to go to Sanibel Lighthouse, or back to the new found tidal pools.  I sort of decided as I was on the way to try the lighthouse.  As I was crossing the Causeway, I could not believe how many people were there....EVERYWHERE!! Parked all over the grass, the beach, there was absolutely no where to park, people crossing back and forth trying to find a place to was a mad house.  I continued on and turned toward the lighthouse, and it was just as bad...people lined up to find waiting for someone to leave so they could all 3 parking lots!!  NOOOO! This was not for me!  So I headed back to my safe place, Gulfside City Park.  I had no problem finding a spot, and off I went....a little late due to the detour and fighting to get around everyone...but I was finally on my way down the beach.

I noticed that the water was much clearer today...
The tidal pools didn't seem to be nearly as productive as they had been previously.... I did find an Alphabet and Florida Cone....But I didn't keep them, way too worn!  I know, now I'm getting picky!! ;)  I did keep the little Horse Conch!

I guess because I was going to the lighthouse, where I typically find minis, I did start noticing minis... Though the Wentletrap on the left is pretty large, a large mini!! 
Above the Wentletrap I believe is a Stocky Cerith, mini horseconchs, a tiny Shark's eye, a bright orange ribbed Cantharus, a tiny Lightning Whelk and at the top, the smallest sunray venus I have ever seen!
A few more steps and I found this Top shell, an Auger, another mini Horse conch, Shark's eye and a juvenile Fighting Conch.

I thought for a second I had scored a small Alphabet Cone....NOT, it was just the top and one side!
Then I had a bit of a dry spell, saw a lot of live shells....tonight I saw this BEAUTIFUL Live Paper Fig....Isn't he Gorgeous? Look at that color!!

I don't know what the black things are along the edge, but isn't he awesome, it felt very strange crawling on my hand.....I carefully put him back into the tidal pool where I found him!

I found this Huge piece of Coral there too!
This Banded Tulip has had a really hard life!!
I did find this pretty little True Tulip....
it was empty so into my shell bag he went, along with this almost albino little pear whelk....
and a few more minis
From top, a tiny Pear Whelk, Button shell, Mini lace murex and a tiny banded tulip
On my trip back to the car, I noticed some more 'wildlife' and couldn't resist taking a couple of videos...

A live long spined Sea Urchin...
I was trying to catch this little crab playing peek-a-boo under this pen shell, and noticed some movement beside him, check this guy out.....your guess is a s good as mine as to what he is...he was about and inch or inch and a half neat is this little guy?! He looks like something out of an aquarium!
I spent all day today at the Shellcrafters and had a great time, so no more shelling for me, as I had to pack up tonight, but check back. It won't be too long before I will be posting....I might show you some of the awesome shellcrafts we do....and I'll be back home to Ft. Myers pretty soon! 

Thanks so much for coming along with me!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I would love to see some of the shell crafts you do.

    1. Okay, Kim, I'll post some one of these here days!! :D

    2. Cheri
      Pre post blog alert! We will be in paradise on Saturday the 10th. Time to blow some dust off the blog.

    3. AWESOME RC....will look for it!!!