Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back to What is Familiar...& a Windy Low Tide

I haven't been able to go out for any beach therapy in the last couple of days, spent all day Monday at the Shellcrafters, which was a large amount of fun! We are working on our golf cart for the July 4th parade.  I have homework! :)  

The tides are beginning to get low in the evening now, was to be 0.0, but I wasn't sure if it would be able to get low due to the continued strong winds...
So I went back to where I was familiar...Gulfside City Park on Sanibel Island.
It was even blowing these Ibis feathers all over the place!
It was a nice low tide, but the water was rough and sandy, so all shells had to be taken between waves or on the beach. That's okay, the wind keeps the noseeums from biting and keeps it feeling cool.

There were a lot of Coquina out, haven't seen them live in a really long time...
I saw at least half a dozen Lightning whelk 'tails' sticking up through the sand...

...and saw this live cockle chillin' out along the surf... 
Up until today, I haven't seen much live, so this was quite a welcome sight.

The winter storms have changed the coastline quite a bit, and basically eliminated the tidal pools, which is my favorite type of shelling.  It looks like the tidal pools are trying to reform....
...and look what was laying in the tidal you see it?
Sure enough...a big horse conch!
It was huge, I looked at it for a while, debated rather I wanted to take it home...and decided to leave it for someone else...the point wasn't in great shape, though the color looked pretty good....I already have several so I thought I would turn it over and leave it for someone else to find.....
This couple picked it up and talked about it....I could guess the conversation...."Wow! We should take it! Where will we put it? How will we get it cleaned up, How will we get it home?" They decided not to take it...
I kept an eye on it for a long time, and no one else saw it, so it stayed put.

I have always said that I didn't like slipper shells, the reason is because they have so many different colors, they always look like something else! Like this....see the spots? Spots mean, Alphabet Cone or possible Junonia if they are larger spots....

Nope! Another Slipper!

There were tons of Fighting Conchs, I left those for someone else also, I already have too many....

I couldn't resist this perfect large Apple Murex, though I have too many of them also....
Or this pretty Pear Whelk....
I did leave this Banded Tulip for someone else to find....
A first for me was this live Auger....Put him back into the Gulf after his photo op...
I did find a few minis for my collection along the edge of the new forming tidal pools...Kittens paws, Jingles, an Olive, tiny Tulip & Fighting Conch, and Scallops.
A handful more Fighting Conchs and a Carrier Shell (bottom pic)! Took the Carrier shell home with me....
I can never resist the tiny Horse Conchs... (Sorry the pic is out of focus)
Or a beautiful little Shark's eye... ;)
I walked much further than I intended and the walk back wore me out! The sand was semi-soft and my feet were sinking with each step....a good workout!! 
On my way back, I met this couple! Notice in his right hand?! SCORE....he took home the huge Horse Conch! ;)

 The surf continues to roll..... I love this place....such GREAT Therapy!
Stay Tuned...

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I've never seen a carrier shell except in books. Very cool!

  2. Yes, I agree, that carrier shell is amazing. I hope to find one someday! It's funny how shelling is so different for everyone...while we have found 2 junonias and 1 lion's paw in my family over the last 7 years, we have never found a large horse conch like that and I'm always trying to find one! We have found one medium size one, though :)
    Thanks for sharing your adventures, Cheri - my husband and I look forward to each of your updates! Missing Sanibel from way over here in California :)

    1. Thank you Dana, so nice to say!! I'm still looking for my FIRST Junonia and Lions Paw!! :)

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and posts!

  4. The tidal pools are my favorite place to look for shells too.

    How windy was it there today?

    I have yet to find a horse conch myself. Or a junonia or a lion's paw. Happy shelling!!

    1. It's been crazy windy since I got here...storm came through tonight so I couldn't go out!! :( so sad, was a negative low tide...getting closer to dark, and it's turtle season so no flashlights!!

  5. Wonderful posts, I feel like I am walking beside you, although I would have kept the horse conch. I am way up north and miss the beach.

    1. Thanks for coming along Val!! Glad to bring you along!