Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tidal Pool Life

I was out on Sanibel Island early again last night, you would think I would learn since I'm so tired when I finally get dark! But I enjoy it so much, I just can't help myself! This time I knew the tidal pools were there, so I headed directly there, at a little faster pace than usual....what treasures will today bring? 

There were shells all up the beach, luckily my feet have toughened up, though at times it was a little difficult to walk....
 The water was very calm, and was looking clearer yet....doesn't this just make you sign with an AHHHHHHH!? Beach Therapy has begun.
I actually found 2 Banded Tulips first thing, just under the sand and gave them to a family that was searching the surf....they just couldn't understand why I didn't keep them for myself....if they only knew just how many I already had!!! ;)

Just before I reached the tidal pools I noticed that there were Billions of Coquina playing in the surf in several areas...I love these guys!!

I hadn't been in the tidal pool very long before I saw a familiar shape on the bottom....see it?
 SCORE...!!! Okay, I can't complain about not finding these guys any more!
Could it be?? A little further down the pool and once again? REALLY??
How beautiful is this??? SCORE Again? Look how big and Bright!!!
I turned him over....WHAT??!! He's alive!! I rarely have found them alive, it was so Awesome! Bittersweet too, I would love to take this monster home, but I think it was even more awesome that he was alive, to grow and Multiply!
I carefully put him back under some sand, I hope he makes it!!

Today was definitely Shark's eye day....
 ...I got to take home some minis for my collection too...
 Small Horse Conch, Baby Lightning Whelks, Juvenile fighting conchs, orange jingle, tiny Bruised Nassa. Flyspeck Cerith, Amazing orange striped Turban, Lightning Whelk, and another Horsie!

A Coral colored Florida Cone...
 And another tiny Lace Murex with a bright orange point!

I found 2 more Spiny Jewelbox pairs...
 ...and this Awesome Gaudy Nautica!
 A Glowing orange True Tulip....
Speaking of Glowing....check out this guy...A BEAUTIFUL Florida Cone....I suspected this guy would be alive....
 ...and I was right! I realized that I shouldn't have held him as I did in the pic above, some of these guys are known to have a pretty good sting to them....don't do what I do!!! :)
 I also found this pretty little King's Crown....He was empty, so into my shell bag he went!
I picked up this Sunray Venus half too, we don't find too many of these and the King's Crown's here normally, they are usually on the mudflats, but I'm sure the recent storms have shaken things up a bit!
This Live Pear Whelk, was traveling to the Gulf tonight, just like the Horse Conch did last night, they are so beautiful, and very graceful!

Once again, I spent too much time exploring, and had to high-tail it back to the car so it wouldn't be completely dark!
I just can't stop, I walked quickly, but kept my eye down on the beach, and picked up a few more treasures.....and I even passed up on some Lightning Whelks this time!! (Although I pointed some out for a family so THEY could take them home! They were really tickled!!)

Stay Tuned, one more awesome night of shelling and exploring....can't decide if I'm going to the tidal pools again, or to Sanibel Lighthouse for minis...Decisions, Decisions!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Check out the Sliver of the moon last night...So Beautiful!


  1. What a decision to have to make. :-) Thanks for the great photos. Nice find on the live alphabet - I've never seen a live one.

    1. Kim, I did once...many years ago!! But none lately!

  2. Amazing finds! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. My pleasure Dana, thanks for coming along!