Friday, May 19, 2017

Windy Days!

I'm back home in Ft. Myers for a little while, Hubby has already been down here a week.  I stayed back in Virginia to spend some quality time with family for Mother's Day, so I flew in a couple of days ago.

The tides aren't great, but I just had to take an evening walk along the beach for a little therapy, and boy was the wind howling! The pictures never really show well, but believe me, the sand would sting at the upper beach it was blowing so hard!

There were a lot of ordinary shells all over the beach, and several 'shelves' where the waves had eroded away the sand, apparently these waves have been going for some time.
 This shelf was about 10 inches high...

I didn't expect to find much, I just truly enjoy the walk and the sights at the beach...

I did happen up on an area where the waves were tossing around a few shells, it took a little patience, so you could look between waves and see a few shells, as the sand was washing in and out...

I did manage to pick up a few little things...
From top: Lace Murex, Juvenile Fighting Conch, Lightning Whelk, Button Shell
The inside of a Jewel Box
Outside of the Jewel box
Not much, but that's okay with me....I just need the therapy.  Stay tuned, the tides will be getting better early next week, and I hope to be out there getting my beach therapy every day!! I would be glad to bring you along!

::Shelllady Hugs::