Sunday, May 21, 2017

Something Different

The Gulf has been so rough since I got here, and the wind has been howling. I decided to try something different this time. I have been reading on facebook that Turner Beach, has had a shell pile this week. I have never been there when there was one, so I decided to do something different and check it out... 

 There was certainly a shell pile...I sat at the top and sifted through for a bit and came on the beach side....the waves were splashing in and washing it slowly back into the gulf.  I never did find anything special, I have become a bit of a shell snob since I have so many shells, but people were walking away with their bags full! 

Once again I decided to do something else different. I have never shelled Captiva at all so I went for a walk down the beach.
The first thing I noticed was that the sand was much darker than I was used to on the Sanibel beaches. The shells I found seemed very colorful. The first thing I found was something I have not found on the West Coast before....a beautiful Bittersweet!
Right behind that I found a Painted Egg Cockle....
Orange was the color of the day, everything seemed brighter!
Scallops, Coquina, a tiny Olive, small Turban and a Jingle 

A baby Horse Conch
Worm shell tip, Kitten paw pairs, Auger, Scallop and bright orange Jingle.

I walked down a ways, and decided to try on the Sanibel Side, so came back across the bridge to the beach... There were lots of shells washed up on the beach there as well...

Found nothing special on that side, so I made my way back toward the car, deciding to catch the sunset on this Hazy day.

This Frigate bird was soaring overhead, seeing what was going on....
The tide was high, and it was splashing on the rocks along Turner beach...the Gulf is definitely angry these days!
The other side of the bridge looked nice and calm....though there was a thunderstorm looming overhead!
Looking down at the Gulf from above the rocks...
Though not very bright on this hazy day, the Sunset was beautiful, and subtle...

Another day of colorful minis....

...a few shells closer to my collection for the Sailors will take me a long time to get all I think I will need, but I'm up for it!! ;)

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. love the shells of sanibel and i actually found very pretty ones in bonita springs....april is great shelling at sanibel...but i was really surprised by bonita springs and lovers key :)

    1. Thanks Deidre,I might have to check it out!... have always wanted to try Lover's Key!

  2. It all looks lovely.

    Have you ever walked the beach on Captiva, past the entrance to South Seas? There's a public parking lot there and you can walk all the way to the north end of Captiva.

    1. No Kim, I haven't, this is my first time shelling on Captiva!