Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Playing with Hummers!

Hi all! I haven't been able to get away to the beach in our paradise in Florida in a few months, but I'm still here! The last few days I've been watching my hummingbirds. I have 3 and they have been so active...having to refill my feeder every other day. I love these little guys and make sure I keep them coming back year after year...

Some of you may know that one of the things on my 'Bucket List' (See tab at top of this blog) is to feed a hummingbird by hand....
I've been trying for years and have had no luck, they will feed on the feeder when I'm on the porch....sometimes, but never any chance of getting close!

I video them through my front window..... (can't tell you how many videos I have!!)

A couple of days ago, I decided to try again with my hand feeder.....I went out there, stuck it out there and focused my Iphone on it.....

Low and Behold....Look what I got!!!!

I was SOOOO was difficult to hold still!!!

I tried one more time....if you look off to the right down low on this next video, you can see her there by my's dark so look closely! She didn't feed but she's there!

I haven't had much luck in the last couple of days, there is a male that seems to warn her when she gets near....he buzzes at time he even hit her and knocked this feather out!!!! So tiny....right after I took this pic, a breeze blew and it blew away! :(

I am going to keep trying....we'll see how it works out!! 

But for now, I can cross this off of my list!! 

I hope to get back to paradise some time in September, we'll see how it goes!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Beach Walking and Watching

The evening low tides have gotten to be after dark, and since it is turtle season, we don't do any shelling after dark, so we have been going late...until the sunsets. The shelling still isn't terrific...but I have found a few keepers....

The last few nights we have been to Gulfside park, for those of you not familiar with it, it's at the center of Sanibel island, and I have been going here for years and generally is the go to beach to try.  The tidal pools have come back, and in my opinion, that makes a big difference in the opportunity for shells. It's also my favorite type of shelling....this evening it showed us some nice of my favorites...a Horse Conch, my favorite size!!! Beautiful Color huh?!
and just a little bit down the beach, ANOTHER!

As we went further down...there were probably 2 dozen of these live Cockles all over the beach, Cheri and I put all of them back into deeper water....hoping they would make it! It was strange, they were all about the same size, about the size of your hand...not sure why this particular spot, but  we tried to help...
Coming back through the tidal pools, there were so many of these little crabs, using anything they could find for there little have to be careful! I reached down to grab a shell and one of these guys got me! Startled me mostly but it was quite a pinch!! You can see their claws sticking out from under pen shells....

I found this gorgeous Lace Murex, just before we got back, look at the color on this guy!

The clouds were rather ominous following us, but nothing came out of them, except a great picture!!

The next day Team Cheri tried another beach, to find nothing, so we headed back to tried and true Gulfside Park....
The water continues to be a beautiful Blue-green, just as it should be! So pleased to see it everywhere like this! The picture doesn't quite capture it.
 Almost immediately we started finding shells in the tidal pool.... Banded Tulips, Olives, Lightning Whelks, a nice Gaudy Nautica, and a couple of Nutmegs....
Cheri was finding a pretty scallop, Lightning Whelks and all kinds of Fighting Conchs,
There were many minis there also, like this baby Banded Tulip and a Sanibel Turret.
Another beautiful cloud, followed us home....
Today was another Bird day....I noticed an Osprey with a fish as I was traveling along the causeway and we saw at least 2 on the beach with these pretty big fish....This one was being attacked by crows...
If you look in the next pic, right at the bottom, he ended up dropping the fish....
 poor guy!!!

Just a little bit down the beach we saw another one (maybe same one) with a fish, I think it was too big for him to fly with....

We stood and watched for a little while and then continued down the beach....I spotted this little Flat Scallop (Flat)....
It was perfect!
Unfortunately this was the only thing I found, so we decided to head to the Lighthouse just before dark.....

Can you see the spots? I saw this under water, and it looked like it was going to be a pretty good sized Alphabet Cone!!

But was in awful shape! :(

but a little further down, Cheri spotted this Beautiful True Tulip....
and then a Paper fig, that was in GREAT shape and color!
Every trip has brought a little something....and like I always say, GREAT therapy!!

I have a few more days....Stay Tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gone to the Birds!

Hey all! I'm back in Ft. Myers, and have been since this post will be a 'catch-up' on what's been going on! I have a new hobby, that has been pretty time consuming, especially while I'm here....It's painting and hiding shells for others to find, and keep or rehide....sounds strange, but it is so fun AND addicting!! So I painted/made several before we left Virginia and have been painting since we arrived in Florida!....I'll post all about it another time!

Team Cheri has gotten together, most evenings and gone of our favorite past times! It doesn't give you a huge shell bag, but Wentletraps are so fun to find! Cheri is the Queen, because she has an amazing eye for them!

This is just a couple of trips! The shelling hasn't been great, but the water is beautiful, and a slight breeze makes the beach walks amazing!

The Sea Stars have been very plentiful....all alive and healthy!!

Cheri took me to a local park, for some Bird-nerding....I had never been to Lakes park, and I WILL be returning! It's a great place for Grown-ups, Bird-Nerds and Kids! 
It's a beautiful place!!!  

I found out that the airplants grow all over the place here..wild!! I never thought about it and was amazed as we took a walk along the path!!! (I know, I sound like a tourist!! ;)

The first bird we saw was a Common Gallinule.... family with 6 Babies!...these are really cool looking birds....

with HUGE feet....

check out this baby....Those feet!!
We saw Anhingas... striking a pose...
a Red bellied Woodpecker...
a pair of Limpkin
peeking out the reeds...
a Little Green Heron..check out the beautiful color on this guy!

The birds weren't only at the park....several nights we watched this Reddish Egret fishing in the tidal pools....he does this amazing little dance, I've gotten a video before...several years ago, but couldn't seem to catch him on camera this time...but here's just one of his moves!! 
Cheri has a family of Pileated Woodpeckers in a tree by her house....she got some amazing pictures of them! How adorable are these guys?

There is also a family of Osprey in a nest on the Chimney at the Lighthouse
The "babies" which are nearly grown, sit on branches nearby, begging Mom and Dad to bring them food!!
I think he's big enough to get his own food....don't you?

As I said earlier, the shelling hasn't been great, but I have found a few favorites....yesterday was cone day, apparently!

I have no idea what the cone on the Left you? Of course, the one in the center is an Alphabet and the other is a Florida Cone....I've looked through all my books and can't find the salmon colored one!!
Found a nice size Shark's eye...

Cheri rescued a Sea Hare that she found on the shore....
she worked with him quite a while in the tidal pool...
He finally regained his strength and slowly 'flew' away...underwater!
They are so graceful to watch!

and always, beautiful weather, and sunsets!

Well I will try to do better at posting....and shelling! ;)

Stay tuned, I'm here for a little more than a week yet!

::Shelllady Hugs::