My Bucket List!

I started a Bucket List on Facebook years ago, and can't access it anymore, so I decided to copy my Blogger Buddy Kim and do it here! Some things are done!! But this will have to be a "work in progress" until I remember them all, and/or add some new things!

MY Bucket List

  1. See Jess Graduate as a DVM! May 2013
  2. Go to Santorini with Jess
  3. Go over the Skyway bridge in Tampa
  4. Buy a house in Florida!  April 2013
  5. Ride a zip line
  6. Go to the keys
  7. Become a Chef 
  8. Own Property on Sanibel
  9. Visit Marco Island beaches
  10. Go scalloping
  11. Go shrimping
  12. Go Lobster hunting
  13. Go to a Shellaballoo with Pam from I Love Shelling
  14. Go to the beaches South of Ft. Myers Beach--Day trip!!
  15. Shell those little islands near the causeway to Sanibel
  16. Feed a hummingbird by hand, or have one perch on my finger! Aug. 2019
  17. Swim with Dolphin!
  18. Go to a Christmas lighted boat parade
  19. Go to Captiva Luminary and golf cart parade and all Christmas festivities!
  20. Find a Helmet shell!
  21. Make a Sailor's Valentine with Sanibel shells I pick up!
  22. Find a Lions paw!


  1. Now that's a great bucket list. What a great idea. I'm going to have to put a bucket list on my website.

    Happy Shelling

  2. Wow, I want to add in my bucket list that "scalloping". I am imagining myself doing that. I am also a big fan of ocean and scalloping is definitely welcome in my list.

  3. Cheri,
    I came across your blog and just love it! First of all I grew up in Phx. Arizona and now live for the past 40 years in NYC. Not much opportunity to enjoy shells. Have always loved shells and to find a blog about them is so much fun!! Enjoy your pics of your family. I feel I am right there visiting with you. If I could make a suggestion. Since You talk about the shells and all the different kinds don't be shy about giving more info. I find it fasinating to learn about them, and share in your experiances! Love learning their names! Who Knew!! Again thanks for sharing!! Karen

    1. Karen,
      Thanks so much for your kind response! It's nice to know that someone is really interested (like me!) I would be happy to write more information! I have been so busy taking care of family, I have sort of neglected my blog, but will hopefully have the time to write more soon! Thanks again!

  4. You have listed some really very awesome things, having a bucket list fills up us with enthusiasm and a courage to do something. I have also mine bucket list of top 10 places to visit in the World. And one day I am gonna tick them all.