Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Relaxing Thursday!

The weather continues to be glorious here, 81 degrees today, low humidity. I hit the beach about 12:30 and was there until a little before 3 and never got hot in the bright sunshine.  My favorite time of year here!

The water was nice and clear and there was very little wind, just a slight calming breeze.
Since the tides weren't very low, the shelling was best walking in the was another adventure...can you see it?
Another big Horse Conch!

 I dug him up right at the trough where the waves were breaking....the sand inside was like concrete! He was still in there, but believe me he had been dead a long time! Several rinses and he fell right out....
I put him back in the water for someone else to find and enjoy.... a young girl was very happy to find him and immediately ran back to her condo to show him off!

I took these 2 Lightning whelks that were snuggled in with him, I know, I don't need them either, but the one had such gorgeous color, I couldn't resist!
This Banded tulip was snuggled in there too....same thing, dead for a loooong time, and 'concrete' like sand holding him in there....he came home with me too after cleaning him out!
A couple of feet further up the beach...and again VOILA!
Have you ever seen so many carrier shells? This guy was a little smaller, but it would have taken quite an effort to clean, so this one I also left for someone else! 
 He wasn't there when I came back by, so someone else will be happy today! :)
Another pretty lightning whelk that made his way into my bag!

They have certainly been abundant this time!

Once again I didn't leave with a full bag, but I had such a great walk, with a little adventure thrown in!

Here's a video for you to sit back and relax...and enjoy!

Stay tuned, only 2 more days before we leave...

::Shelllady Hugs::

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