Sunday, November 6, 2016

Keep trying and Make it Happen!

With the later morning low tides, I am on the beach long after sunrise and I have to say I miss greeting the morning first thing on Sanibel! I suppose that is one of the down sides to not living right on the island...but I am only 15 minutes away which is absolutely awesome! (This is yesterday's post, I played hooky today!)
My thoughts exactly!! (Please excuse the finger print on the lens)

I have run into a dear friend (CShells) that I originally met on the Sanibel Captiva Forum years ago, and we have seen each other the last 2 days and plan on keeping in touch now through facebook, since the forum has shut down.  We have so much in common (shelling of course) and she and her hubby come down most November but they usually get to stay for over a month! So Jealous! 

CShells' hubby found this huge horse conch yesterday morning!
The shelling was a little slow today, so I made up my mind I was going to make something happen....time to dig!  My Dad and Son-in-law (Brad) love to dig and frequently find the perfect spot....I have had my eye on a spot the last few days...

You have to be committed, just sit down and start carefully digging and looking through pen shells MUST check in each pen shell....frequently shells get trapped inside along with the sand. See this HUGE Paper fig with the small whole in it?
 It's got GREAT color and I kept it anyway, even with the small whole on the back.

It is aways amazing to me that these fragile paper figs survive in these pen shell piles, probably because they fill up with sand and become more stable, but 9 times out of 10, that's where I find pen shells! Amazing to me!

Here is 2 more, same place!  I ended up with 6 total from this one spot!
I also found 2 pairs of buttercup lucines also very fragile and I have never found a complete pair!
I started digging a little late, and the tide snuck up on me, but I did manage to find a few treasures! I couldn't resist this Juvenile Fighting Conch because of it's sharp points...
I was hoping to find the owner of this operculum while digging down there...but not this time!

Note to self....I will be back for more exploring!

I was collecting pretty scallops also along my walk, here are the days finds along with another scoop of minis I found....

I will show you anything special I find in that group in another post!

I did find something really cool today on my way out to meet CShells, check out these Lion Paw knuckles!! 

One day I hope to find a whole one of these, I just think they are so awesome!

Tomorrow is crafting day, but I might slip out to the island early and see what I can find before I go! 

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I tried your digging method the last time I was there and I hit a jackpot spot just once. It was amazing.

    I remember CShells from the Sanibel Forum. I believe I may have talked to her once or twice on there. I miss that forum. I wonder why they shut it down? Any ideas?

    1. Kim, the digging doesn't always work, but sometimes you hit the Jackpot!!

      I contacted the forum and they just said they don't have the resources to keep it going....they apparently have some sort of software issues and kinda just left it sad! CShells and OH Beachwalker (I think) found me on facebook so we are keeping in touch, which is nice!