Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Negative Low Tides Part 1

As the full moon approaches for the next few days we are going to be seeing 'negative low tides' which means it is below zero, which is awesome for shelling! I am not down here very often for them, so I'm excited! My Shelling buddy Cheri and I went out early...the shelling was fun, I got one really 'special' shell a Baby's Ear.... and this bitty horse conch.

I really liked the color on this Lightning Whelk too...I have never seen one so gold...

For some reason, I can't seem to pass up most Lightning Whelks, especially the darker ones...

I found 10 Sharks Eyes this time....
I found a tiny Pear Whelk, which I haven't seem many of these last few trips...they are also one of my favorites!
The wind picked up some, and we noticed that the Pen shells and Dosinias were starting to come me that means some more shell piles in the Gulf are getting stirred up! Hopefully that means more shells coming in!  

Cheri found another Alphabet Cone, I should have gotten a picture of it, it was just sitting there waiting for her to grab it!!

We saw this HUGE Millipede Sea Star holding on with it's toes under the edge of the surf....Like Cheri said, he looked like he was trying to hold on, all bowed up in the middle! :)
We were so busy shelling, we almost forgot to check out the NEVER disappoints!

I found this HUGE Vertebrae from something...I didn't save it, but couldn't pass up a photo op!
....This is the same type of crab I posted yesterday with the orange hat....this one needs a manicure like that one....he reminded us both of a spider by his movements and all that hair!! (Funny, I just looked it up, and it is actually called a Spider Crab!) Very Cool!
We had another GREAT day with lots of talking and laughing....stay tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Love your finds! and the pics of the sunrise!!! Also love negative low tides!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You found a bunch of nice stuff! How's the water? Can you swim in it?

  3. Kim, the water seems pretty chilly when you first step into it, but we get used to it pretty quickly. I think I saw it was 65-68 degrees right now, so maybe not swimming time yet. The air temp is mid 60s at night and low 80s during the day.