Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Negative Low Tides Part 6

I've slowed down a bit on my blogging. I have to admit, these EARLY mornings have finally caught up with me, today was a kick back and relax day and making time to spend with my Valentine. 

Yesterday was the final negative low tide for a while, and it did not disappoint! 
When we first got out there, Cheri noticed this first beauty right along the wave break....we thought at first it was alive, but when she picked it up, it was just full of sand! Tell me this isn't a beauty of a Lightning Whelk!

I walked down the beach a little further, and saw the edge of this guy sticking out of the sand, in shallow water, another Lightning Whelk.

Not perfect, but I kept him!  Then in just a few minutes, Cheri found this beauty buried nearby! The third big Lightning Whelk of the day!!

We only had a couple of hours before I had to go to the Shellcrafters meeting and how nice was this to begin the day?!  We continued shelling, the day had already been a complete success!!

Another beautiful Orange Scallop...
 A Very spiny Jewel Box...
 A beautiful Nutmeg...
 ...and another Orange Scallop, this one was very tiny!
 I found this odd shaped Lettered Olive, notice the wrinkle near the bottom, and the large 'step' near the tip....and he was a bit on the fat side!!!

 Cheri found this amazing Florida Cone, it was so bright and had spots on it like some of the cones you see in the Caribbean!! It was gorgeous!! 
 I found ANOTHER tiny Orange Scallop...
 And this beautiful Orange and yellow one!
You might have trouble seeing this guy, it's another Spider Crab...this one has 2 huge barnacles on his back!!.... (It's not completely in focus, but if you click on it you can see him better!)
We had a Great morning shelling, and then I worked all day with the Shellcrafters getting ready for the Sanibel Shell Show! (That will have to be a post for another day)

A WHOLE day about Shells...what could be better? I think I'm in Heaven!!

The adventures will continue, stay tuned!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3 <3

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I have never been down there and found huge shells like that - wow!

    How crowded has it been on the island?

    1. This is a first for me with lightning whelks that big!! It is crazy crowded here, took me an hour yesterday to get home from the shell crafters at 3:00, normally a 20 minute drive!! We go to dinner out early here in ft. Myers or you won't find a seat!! Luckily going to the beach early, when I normally leave is when folks are coming in. Most are friendly though and will let folks into traffic.

  2. Great finds!! I was wondering, too. Is it crowded there?

    1. Thanks Moira!! Crazy crowded here!! But is ok, if we change our eating and traveling times!