Thursday, February 9, 2017

Negative Low Tides Part 3

Our adventures continue, today was the lowest low tide, tomorrow they begin to come back up, but only a little. We have seen such awesome things, mostly many in fact that I am having trouble keeping the pics down for these posts! So much to see and share!! I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!

The morning started out with one of my favorites, a nice size Horse Conch was the first thing into my bag...
Cheri trumped that with this Awesome Alphabet Cone... Isn't it gorgeous??
I did finally find an Alphabet cone in the tidal pool!! 
Boooo! It certainly was in bad shape!! Half of the back was missing! The small shells all over it are live ark shells...they are out by the billions! They are easily taken off if you have a treasure you want to keep!

Cheri and I each got a huge Horse Conch! (Actually Cheri found them both, one for each of us!

They were very stinky and heavy...we both had wished we found them much later so we wouldn't have to carry them all morning!! :) They will take a few days to get cleaned up...But still an awesome find...

I found this Shark's eye, Gaudy Nautica and Bubble shell all together in one spot!

This amazing Lightning Whelk was just laying there waiting for me to come along and take him home....I just knew he wouldn't be empty, but he was!!
The problem is, when I got home..(hours later) and was reviewing these pictures, I noticed the little spots the are at the center top of this photo...didn't see them when I was there! I believe that is at least a piece of a JUNONIA!!! I'm going to say it is a piece and not one buried!! Do you see it?? I was so upset!!

We found this Lightning Whelk occupied by this awesome hermit crab, we both took pictures of it....then  after we got home, we see there are a total of 3 crabs in the picture...can you find all three?
The tidal pools were full of all kinds of life.... Like this Huge Beautiful True Tulip, (Cheri's favorite) and they have been hard to find alive or dead ....we found many live ones today!
 If you look closely, you'll see a nice size live Horse Conch under all those arks!
 There were lots of live Scallops... (see video below!!)
 Cheri found this beautiful live baby true tulip...
We saw this beautiful tiny Octopus....
If you look closely, you can see the outline of a Millipede sea star hiding at the bottom of the tidal pool...
Cheri found this amazing LIVE Florida Cone...
You have to be very careful with live cones, the are said to be poisonous!
She also found this shark's eye and beautiful cone, it was just as orange and beautiful!

There was so much life in the tidal pools!  Sea Urchins....

 This beautiful Sea Anemone was in full bloom...
 This true tulip was about to munch down on this banded tulip... (I think ;))
Such a beautiful live Horsey...
 ...and these 3 banded tulips....they were all tangled up!!
Cheri found this BEAUTIFUL live Pear Whelk as we were heading back to the car..

 I added this pretty pear whelk and sharks eye to my bag...
and this Nutmeg that had beautiful color...
Cheri picked up the Brilliant Orange Fighting Conch to was amazing!
and what is a day at the beach without a beautiful sunrise?!!!
The adventures continue!! Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Wow and wow!! How long before sunrise were you out?

    1. A couple of hours!!! We're dedicated!! ;) Thanks for stopping by Sunny!!

  2. I can't get over the size of a lot of those shells. This is definitely a good time of year to be shell hunting.

    1. Kim, There are definitely a lot more shells out here, though a lot of live ones, but it is still fun to me...Always an adventure!!

  3. I agree with Kim! You guys are getting fantastic shells! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Moira, You can bet I am definitely enjoying this!!! ;)