Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Long Morning Walk in Paradise

I headed out this morning a little before sunrise to take a long walk along the Gulf to see what I would usual I wasn't disappointed. Although I still haven't found that perfect Alphabet Cone, I know it's out there somewhere and I intend on keeping up the search! :)

There were some pretty good shell piles along the beach, a lot of what I call 'ordinary shells' but I did manage to snag a few little goodies! Like one of my favorites, a couple of small Horse Conch...

 ...this neon orange Scallop
 ...and this beautiful orange and white can't have too many scallops!
This nice sized Top Shell...
I think this Gaudy Nautica will clean-up nicely
Check out the beautiful pink inside of this Calico Scallop!
 Another Horse Conch and Shark's eye
 Who doesn't love the minis? I need to stock up for more crafting! This was a tiny little Calico Scallop...
I found lots of minis: Coquinas, Bubbles, Jewel boxes, a Keyhole Limpet, another Horse conch, Apple Murex, Sharp ribbed drill and a tiny Lightning Whelk!
I love these mini bright orang Rough Scallops!!
 How about this bright orange Ribbed Cantharus and Jingle?! I should do well at replenishing my Mini supply!
I believe this is another Lady-in-Waiting Venus clam, but it has a dark gray green color on it...
The inside has the purple gloss like the one I found last week.
 I had to hit the books again on these shells, I think this is a White Atlantic Semele, it is hard to tell but it has a light gold and pink tip and inside...

I found these two Lace Murex side by side in a shell pile with 2 other very large ones that were pretty beaten up....obviously a hot spot for them today!
They cleaned up very nicely!
I found this very cool Brittle Star...
 I couldn't decide if he was alive or not so I carefully put him in the Gulf...

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning...

I think I came home with plenty of treasures!!

Time is growing short for this trip, but there still time for a few more adventures, Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. The white and orange scallop is my favorite. And the sunrise photo is perfect!

    1. Thanks Kim! I took several pics and decided on that one, love the Ibis!!