Saturday, February 11, 2017

Negative Low Tides Part 5

The negative low tides will be over in the next couple of days, and unfortunately I won't be able to take advantage of it tomorrow because it's during church. I may be able to walk it a little bit on Monday before my Shell crafters meeting! So sad to see the ultra low tides go away. That's okay, I'm sure we will still have adventures!

This mornings low tides didn't produce many treasures, and since the wind directions changed again, they weren't nearly as low as yesterday.

Cheri was having fairly good luck in the shallows...a couple of tulips, apple murex, a beat up sharks eye and, as she calls it, a 'beater' cone, which means it's all beaten up and not a keeper....I'm not even sure she kept any of these...
I was checking out the beach and walking back and forth from the high tide line...apparently the surf overnight had been quite strong. Not only did it wash away most of the shells it created this huge wash line... Lots of white arks, but not much else.
I did find the colorful Pear Whelk, whose tail was a little beat up, but he came home with me anyway.
I couldn't resist this striped Coquina pair either...
I guess today was 'Jewel box pair' day....I found 3 colorful sets of those...

I also found a mini Top Shell...

There were a few live things to see this HUGE Millipede Sea Star...
and this Awesome Lightning Whelk, they don't usually have such distinct points at the top..

I love to see live shark's eyes...this guy was very difficult to get a good picture of because he was under the surf, he was a beauty..
This monster sized hermit, was in a small Fighting Conch, I think it's time to find a bigger shell!
How cool is this...I also found this Tulip shell casing (not sure if it was a True Tulip or Banded Tulip casing) but if you look closely, you can see the tiny tulips are still in there....I put it back into the gulf hoping they will survive!

The highlight of the day was meeting some fellow "Shellinators" in person. The Shellinators is a facebook group of avid shellers that have a lot in common.  Some of us even have Sweatshirts! ;)  Cheri Hollis and I met through this group! Unfortunately she wasn't there when I ran into them so she is missing from this picture!
Left to right ( Jodi Hawn Geers, Karen Blackford, Tammy Rahn and Me!
(Left to right) Jodi Hawn Geers, Karen Blackford, Tammy Rahn, and me!! Karen Blackford and I go WAY back, though we have never met in person, she used to be a blogger, in fact, that is why I started blogging! I loved her blog and decided to try it myself! It was really nice visiting with these ladies, it truly felt like family!

Of course I cannot close without showing you another beautiful Sanibel Sunrise...

So stay tuned, Cheri and I will continue to have adventures and bring you along with us...I will be here for quite a while longer!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. It's always so much fun to meet up with other shell lovers and bloggers.

    1. I know, right?! It's been SO much fun!!

  2. How fun! I "met" Kim on a Sanibel board....we are great friends now! Looks like you are having fun!🐚🐚☀️🐚

    1. Yeah Moira, I 'met' her on her blog, the Sanibel Forum, and my blog...but we still haven't met in person!! ;( One of these days I'm going to meet both of you in person!! I imagine we will all be great friends too!!

  3. Cheri, You make me miss blogging. If I didn't have to get to that public potty at GSCP, I would have stayed & walked longer with you. And Kim & Moira are amazing. I've been on the beach with both of those fine ladies. I am convinced, beachcombers are the nicest people on the planet. XXOO

    1. I turned around shortly after you headed back, and was catching up, but couldn't stop looking down at the shells, and got slowed down a bit!! ;( by the time I got back to Gulfside you all were gone!! My experience is that Beachcombers are awesome people!! Cheri and I will probably plan a trip to come see you in the next week or so, we will visit more then!! I have your # so will call or text to see what works for you!! xoxo