Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Bright and Colorful Day!

Cheri and I shelled a little differently today, I couldn't make the low tide this morning so we met up as the tides were coming in through High tide.  It was a BEAUTIFUL, clear day. And the shells were so colorful...Orange was the color of the day for these Scallops, and these pictures just do them justice. They were beautiful!

I did find this tiny maroon Top Shell, I've only found light gold ones in the past...
The water was so clear and a beautiful turquoise and green...
...and so clear, even on the shore in the rolling waves...

You had to be quick to snag the shells.

Cheri still has her Alphabet Cone luck, she found this little beauty pretty soon after we got there, alont with this perfect little Nutmeg!
Followed by this huge piece of a Lion's Paw!!!!!
 The back side was even orange!
I found a pretty orange Banded Tulip, a little Auger and what I believe is a tiny orange Nassa
This is called a Lady-in-waiting Venus Clam...I found 2 of these, a first for me!
 It has a beautiful purple stripe on the inside.
I also found this very tiny Dwarf Olive, so tiny!
and both sides of this Purplish Tagelus
Cheri scooped up this perfect Egg Cockle...
and this AMAZING Flat Scallop
and I stumbled across this beautiful little coral piece!
It was a great day! I like it when I have to break out the shell books to find the names of some of the shells I find, today there were several I had to look up!!

Tomorrow is the last Negative low tide, so we have got to check it out before I go to the Shellcrafter's meeting.... Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::