Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Last Adventure, For Now

As I sit here at my laptop, it is 42 degrees outside, I already miss Sanibel, Ft. Myers and the beach and the Team Cheri Adventures! I will have to live through this post with the rest of you!

We started out before sunrise to be there at the lowest low tide, signs of life were all over the beach.

The first thing I saw was this live Olive plowing through the sand, check out that sharp point and beautiful color!
 This Sea Anemones was enjoying a small tidal pool....
This Calico Scallop was chattering away until I shined the light on him....notice all of his eyes around the edges of the shell...
There was a beautiful wine red Brittle Star, I have never seen one this color!
I was still in search of the perfect Alphabet Cone, I keep finding these guys instead...a little old and tired! But 95% of it is the hunt, right?!
I did find this Florida Cone hiding in the sand..
I found this King's Crown...
 and I think this is my first good True Tulip this trip!
Cheri found this absolutely perfect Winged barnacles or carrier shells..this was a GREAT find!
She also found this AWESOME True Tulip, check out the bands on this amazing guy!
There were a lot of live sea Urchins out this time, in the tidal pools and on the beach...
Lots of pen shells and 'stuff' all up and down the beach... far as you could see!
Another first for me was this LIVE Nutmeg that Cheri found! Look at the coloring and 'beading' on this guy! We actually questioned if it was actually a Nutmeg at first, but I searched it on Google and I believe it is!

We certainly found where the True Tulips were, Cheri found 2 more, these are her favorite shells!
And she went home with a beautiful Baby's Ear...
I love these little guys....Cheri has a real knack for finding them...a Pygmy Octopus....
I found this tiny little Nutmeg too, what good color, right?!
I could have stayed out there for hours, but I had volunteered to help the Shellcrafters out at the Community House, so I had to call this final Adventure short! So much fun...Team Cheri had some awesome adventures, with promises of more when we get back in a few weeks! I came home with some great treasures....
I couldn't resist snapping a few final pics on the causeway as I said goodbye, for now, to beautiful Sanibel Island....

I will be back soon!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I bet it gets harder and harder to leave...

  2. Great photos, as always! You are now my favorite Sanibel blog, Cheri :)

    1. Thank you Dana! What a wonderful thing to say!! I love Sanibel...and blogging! : D

  3. I totally agree with Dana. Your writing, explanations and photos almost make me think I'm there, too! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sharon!!