Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Negative Low Tide Part 2

Another adventure on the beach at negative low tides! "Team Cheri" has had such fun on these beaches! The day started off with Cheri finding an Angel Wing! I think that is a GREAT start, don't you?

(*note: You can click on these pics to enlarge them)
...just a little ways down the beach she found this beautiful nice sized Shark's Eye
Cheri also found this NICE Lightning Whelk, it doesn't show very well in the pic but it has a Lavender inside!
I couldn't resist taking a pic of these tiny live ark shells in this HUGE Cockle pair..

Then we began to see A LOT of life out there...

This beautiful LIVE Lightning Whelk...
...and lots of live Fighting Conchs....with their eyes exposed...
Even this Albino Fighting Conch was checking things out!
There were crabs of all types...Like these Calico Crabs...

Live Olives and Arks were writing in the sand...
These 2 Sea Anemones were fully extended in the tidal pool on each end of this Lightning Whelk!
And alas, the Horse Conchs have once again beached themselves along the shoreline, hopefully the tide will take them back out again...
 All the dark spots in the center beach are Large Live Horse Conchs!

This was a MONSTER Lightning Whelk!

Did I say Shark's eyes? I could not believe how many there were, every color you can think of! Here are 2 of them pretty close together...(front side on left, bottom side of another on the right.  I ended up with 24 of them!

There were tons of minis out there too!
 Like this beautiful Wentletrap...
 and another Small False Donax, this one was he went back in the gulf...

Also along the beach were sandcastles, sand people and this awesome 'fish' that someone made out of Dosinia and Pen Shells! Someone was so creative and really planned this out, it was Huge!!

The day started out with a light sprinkle, and then fog moved in....still a beautiful picture with the sun peeking through!!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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  1. What a bounty of great shells. You got some terrific photos today too!