Friday, February 10, 2017

Negative Low Tides Part 4

What a difference a day can make! The wind changed and was coming out of the North this morning.  I feel a little silly saying this since we are here in Florida...but it was COLD!! It was also VERY windy and I didn't have enough clothes on....but we are determined so we stuck it out for a while....and there is Always an adventure out there!

Cheri started the morning out with this awesome Shark's eye!
 This is what I saw first thing!! 
 Finally...I scored an Alphabet Cone!! ....Not perfect, but close enough!! Woohoo!
Then I found this HUGE Sunray Venus pair...
...and this great big sand dollar!
There is so much interesting life out there, especially during low tide...

Like this Beautiful live Pear Whelk...
 And this amazing Mid-sized Horse Conch...look at that beautiful color!
 There were live sand dollars all over the place, you really had to be careful not to step on them...they were just under the surface, did you know this is what these are?
Check out this shot, these guys were EVERYWHERE!!
Along with LOTS of live Cockles!  Here is a Cockle buried under the sand!!
There were also lots of Sea Stars...I thought this particular one was beautiful, he is a Lined Sea Star and he was moving all over the place...
See his tracks in the sand? Almost looks like he was dancing!
You can just barely see his little 'feet' in this picture (click to enlarge)
This guy obviously had been really dancing around

There were also a lot of these strange little Orbs, which I think is some sort of a sea squirt...
Cheri also found live Painted Egg Cockles, which really aren't that common
The live olives were busy writing all over the beach
Cheri found this guy...This is both sad and funny....just don't really know what to say about it!
Check out how low the water was, partially due to low tide, but mostly due to the wind much beach exposed!
I did find a few more treasures... like this perfect Nutmeg
The Sharks eyes have been very plentiful these days...
 SCORE...another Alphabet cone...not perfect, and a little faded, but he came home with me!
Cheri found this medium sized Angel wing, which was in perfect shape!

 We lasted a little after sunrise, 

then home to a nice HOT shower! 

Tomorrow I will wear many more layers...including shoes! 

Stay tuned..

::Shelllady Hugs::

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  1. Wow - I can't believe how much beach is there.

    I hope you're doing a post about meeting up with Karen.