Thursday, February 23, 2017

Night Time Low Tides

There will only be one more shelling adventure before I have to say goodbye to my Ft. Myers home and beautiful Sanibel Island. We will be back pretty soon, but I miss it already! Cheri and I headed out this morning early and the shelling was pretty slow at first...we finally started seeing some life out there in the dark...
How about this pose? A huge Live Florida Horse Conch...
 ...and his little brother....
Lots of live Fighting Conchs, Banded Tulips...
 Lighting Whelks...
 And these HUGE BEAUTIFUL True Tulips...Look at the beautiful colors!

We even found a live Paper Fig...
 This is a live Thorny Starfish... (I had to hit the books again!)
We then started picking up little treasures that weren't live, Cheri found this Atlantic Pearl Oyster...first one I have seen!
I started finding the Shark's Eyes...
I found this nice Pear Whelk,
And so many Live Cockles!
Cheri found a BEAUTIFUL Pear Whelk also!
There were SO MANY nice Lightning Whelks, and Fighting Conchs of all sizes and colors! So many in fact, we just had to quit picking them up!!
 I found this nice perfect small Angel Wing,
Cheri found one two...look how big this one is!!
Then we started finding the small shells, like this beautiful tiny Lace Murex,
A tiny Horse Conch with a tiny hermit crab!
These small True glad to see these, we haven't found many True Tulips this trip!

Cheri found this tiny Winged Oyster....
On this AMAZING Sea Whip...
There were crabs of all types and sizes also... I had to hit the books again for this tiny little guy, I think he is called a Rock Mithrax, don't quote me on this one, but I think that's right!
 This Stone Crab was ready for battle.... (see video below)
I spotted a little Pygmy Octopus, do you see him hidden among those shells?
Cheri found this Massive Saw tooth Pen Shell...have never seen one that big!
One of my favorite shells of the day was this awesome Horse Conch Cheri found, and gave to me!!! Perfect size and color!
We had such a beautiful day...

I'd say it was a pretty bountiful day, wouldn't you?!!

One more adventure, Stay tuned! 

::Shelllady Hugs::