Friday, January 6, 2017

We're Still Here!

I haven't posted in the last few days for two reasons, first, the tides haven't been very good since that very first day and with the winds the shelling hasn't been very good.  And, I ended up with a miserable cold, so I didn't even go out to the beach for 2 days! Can you imagine? You know I must not have felt well to stay home!

Today was the first day I left the house, and decided to do something a little different.  My parking pass also works at the boat ramp on Sanibel and I have always wanted to check out the beach beside it so I figured why not go on an adventure?!

The path from the parking lot leads right below the causeway bridges...

As you can tell the water was very clear, I could feel myself getting better by the minute...just something about the Gulf that will heal whatever ails ya!

When I first stepped off the path to the beach I saw this little land snail shell that was vacant, so it came home with me!
 There were huge piles of plain white shells all along this little beach...
The water was nice and clear and I saw this Live Lightening Whelk...

Put him back safely in the Gulf, and continued on down the little beach...
I did find a set of Rose Tellins, which I don't find very often! The practically glowed against all the stark white shells...
I found this shell tree at the very end of the beach! The story goes that you find a shell with a hole in it and place it on the tree while making a wish...I love the traditions on this island!! :)  Several people have been here before me and made their wishes!

I thought for a minute I had Scored with this Kings Crown....
unfortunately, not this time!!
I headed back up the beach and snapped a quick pic of Sanibel Lighthouse just up the beach the other way!
Then back to my tried and true beach, Gulfside Park beach... It was REALLY rough and the waves were really rolling in! It's hard to see that in this pic, but this guy was really surfing out there!
The seafoam was all over the beach!
 I think this guy gave up on fishing...he was probably sea sick!
I walked my normal route and alas, found no shells, but I still enjoy the may be my last this trip! It's supposed to be stormy here tomorrow and we are to head back to the Blizzard up North on Sunday!!! (Maybe)

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Cheri
    Happy New Year its me RC! It has been a long time. We are sitting here in the middle of frozen Missouri this morning planning a trip to paradise this year. I knew there was no better way to get me in the mood than checking out your blog to see how paradise was getting along. As usual you didn't disappoint.

    We didn't get down last year because of a wedding in Destin. It was a beautiful wedding but Destin just doesn't soothe my soul like Sanibel and Captiva. I couldn't even bring myself to write on the blog while I was there.

    We are up to five Beach Angels now! We'll only be bringing the two oldest with us this year.

    We are also thinking about changing it up from the usual Captiva house routine and maybe do a condo on Sanibel. Any suggestion you have are appreciated. I would probably prefer a low density complex. Facing the gulf obviously.

    Has the best of sanibel Captiva forum shutdown? Tried to get on there this morning with no luck.

    Take care hope to hear from you soon RC

    1. Hey RC - how are you? I was wondering what happened to you.

      Yes, the SC forum has shut down. I am so sad about that.

      We like Pointe Santo Condos on Sanibel.

    2. Hi Kim! I'm still kicking. We just had a lot going on this past year and unfortunately none of it included Sanibel or Captiva.

      I'm sorry to hear about the forum but I suspected it was coming. It was really strong when Hurricane Charlie came through. Every year after traffic on the site was slowly dying.

      It was nice to get trip reports and to share my blog on there. Guess I'll only have you and Cheri reading it this year! Were planning a June trip. It will be nice to get back. Looked at Condos on Pointe Santo they were nice but I think we are going to go with Sand Pointe. It is a smaller complex so I'm hoping for smaller crowd. Be talking with you I imagine the plowing business has been good. By the way I hate snow :)

    3. Hey RC!! So good to hear from you!! I
      have been wondering what happened to you!! So glad you are coming back!! We used to always stay at Ocean's Reach and then when we got our dog, moved to Island beach Club. Love them both because they are more "Homey" and less "Resorty". EVERY unit at ocean's reach is beach front, and they have a pool and even several grills in a really nice garden area...and a shell cleaning station! I'll certainly be following along with you on your trip, maybe we will even be here and meet in person!! So sorry the forum shut down, lost so many 'friends' or two have found me on facebook which is nice!

      We head home tomorrow....back to that area in VA where all the snow fell...over 12 you I have grown to Hate snow....!!

  2. Hi Cheri! I hope you're feeling better. I've been missing your posts. I always look forward to them when you all are there. Hopefully you'll get some more beautiful 'finds' before you leave and share them with us!

    1. Thanks Sharon!! I'm feeling okay now, it rained and rained all day today, so I didn't try to go out....unfortunately we're leaving first thing tomorrow morning, heading to the 12" of snow!! Boooo!! Thanks so much for following along! I did some shellcrafting with the ladies this week and will post some of that later, and we will be back again soon, I hope!!