Friday, December 30, 2016

We are Spending the New Year in Paradise!

Hubby and I decided to 'run-away' for the new year this year! We had a great Christmas with family. As I'm sure it is for you it's always pretty hectic for me, so we felt like we needed some 'Down South' time. Warm days and beach walks just sounded like the thing to do.  Imagine my surprise when I got up before dawn this morning for the very first day of shelling and it was 55 and windy.  I know that doesn't sound cold, and it wouldn't have to me compared to home in Virginia, but it felt very cold, especially when I was expecting upper 60s and low 70s first thing in the morning.  We have been watching the days in the 80s for several weeks now. Surprise!! But that also means North winds, which means the shells will be coming... So I threw on my water shoes, a sweatshirt, (tomorrow I will also have on gloves), grabbed my flashlight and away I went to my favorite place in the whole world! Sanibel Island.

(I have to apologize for these first few pics, it was dark and I was using a flashlight, and obviously couldn't see very well) But the very first thing I saw was another HUGE horse conch buried in the sand...

 (Out of focus, but you can see the top edge just to the right of the cone....)
Right next to it was a nice little Florida Cone, just waiting to come home with me
I left the horse conch for someone else to take home, maybe next time for me.

The tides were the lowest I have seen them in a very long time, and I was picking up mini shells from the very start...sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.
on theleft is a Banded Tulip, top is a Nutmeg and bottom is a Sharks Eye

left is a Chestnut Turban, top is a Drill and right is an Apple Murex

Top left is another Shark's eye, then a tiny Lightning Whelk, a small Dosina pair and another colorful small Lightning Whelk

It was pretty dark when I arrived...
Pretty quickly it began to get lighter and I could see that the sandbar was completely out of the water!

and Viola....a little Alphabet Cone was waiting there just for me!

What a great way to start the day...

The nutmegs were very plentiful today...I think I came home with 6, including this monster...never seen one so big, though not perfect, he went in my shell bag...
My Dad must have been there with me because I came home with 7 perfect Shark's eye...

Including one that looked like an Albino, complete with a pink eye!
You can see how much of the beach was exposed, 

it would be very easy to miss something special if you don't take your time and study....I tend to get over anxious and try to cover lots of ground, and I know I miss something!

I did see this nice Angel Wing, nestled up with this Cockle trying to get warm! SCORE!

...I found this pretty Gaudy Nautica...
Jewel Box pair...
...and Pear Whelk
and managed to find 3 Sand Dollars that were not live....a fellow Shellinator gave me this pretty pink Sea Urchin....
There was lots of life out there today, Many Many live Sand Dollars a few were barely peeking out, but most were hiding under the sand...
Lots of live Millipede Sea Stars....
...and these unusual looking Orbs....not sure what they are, kind of look like they might be in the Sea Squirt family, but they are different and very pretty...

I will try to research it and get back to you!! 

Stay tuned!!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. What a way to kick off the new year! You found a bunch of great stuff. Happy New Year!

    1. Today was pretty sad, low tide never was very low ;( Still nice being here though!! Happy New Year Kim!!!