Friday, April 15, 2011


"If this isn't heaven, you sure can see it from here!" (posted in a guestbook at the room we're in)

Greetings from Sunny Florida!  We came down on the Autotrain, it wasn't nearly as good as usual, they put us downstairs next to two families with 4 kids....the kids thought that the entire area was for them to play football and play all sorts of games in, never closed their door until bedtime ~10:00 we were fit to be much for a quiet trip! 

We did have dinner with a couple who had retired from Maryland and were living on the east coast of FL and loving life!!  Made us realize that maybe it is an achieveable dream for us!! 

The Mustang top level on the train, it should be :)

We got into Sanford (near Orlando) around 9:15 am which was ahead of schedule, and got our car and on the road about 10:45 or so. Arriving at Sanibel around 2:30.

I went out for a little while, but we were tired, and decided we would go get us a bite to eat about 5:30 and make it an early night so we could get up early!  We were both tired!

We got up and went out when it was light enough, just before sunrise (about 6:45) and walked toward the east, which has always been our favorite area...the tide was not very low but we found a few small shells and came back to the condo around 9:15.

This Hibiscus was the first thing we saw....Isn't it beautiful?!

Jerry's Grocery...our favorite place to shop...and eat breakfast!!  You park underneath!!

First trip shelling....not a whole lot, but I'll take it!!

Suray Venus Clam

Knobby Fighting conch! (and a nutmeg for you Brad!)

Our view out back!!

Our view out front!

Like the guy said...."If this isn't heaven, you can see it from here!!"

Then off to Jerry's for some breakfast and to pick up a few groceries!  It's beautiful here....not humid and LOTS of sunshine, which is just what we need!  I will keep you posted here on how we do shelling, and what ever other adventures we find!


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