Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Beachin' and stuff!!

It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy...Beach Therapy”
--Amy Dykens

The timing of the pics in the posts from now on will be a little different since the evening tides are the best.  Therefore, I can't take pics until the next morning....cuz it's dark by the time I get them all cleaned up!! :)

We went to Hungry Heron and saw our favorite waitress Lori....she greeted us both with a great big hug!  We have her schedule so will see her hopefully a couple more times before we leave!!  BTW...Thanks to the Weiners for our early was great!!

Yesterday afternoon proved to be a little better shelling, although it was still pretty rough and you had to walk behind the waves and scoop them up.  It began to get a little hazy so it became difficult to see very well, but I think we did well!!  What do you think?

I'll take it!!

Winged Oyster
Spiny Jewel Box...both sides!


A Baby's ear!!

Daddy's favorite.....a Shark's eye!!
I got up early again this morning, Jimmy decided to sleep in since the tides weren't going to be very low.  I didn't find much but enjoyed the walk in the morning sun!! Came home and had my apple fritter from Jerry's ...Yummm-o!!

I heard you all had some pretty scary weather yesterday.....will contact Maxine today to see how she is, since Willow Springs and Raleigh NC made news on the weather channel!!   Things around here are still beautiful and warm!!

I took more pictures around the condo this morning! Hope you all enjoy....

I believe he is called an anole....he has a red flap under his chin that he shows from time to time, but refused to let me get a picture of it!!  I'm gonna keep trying!!

Fuzzy flower.....I know the name of the tree but can't think of it to save my life!!

A baby version of the same tree!!

Mr. Osprey looking out over his kindgom!

A Blue Heron in the alligator the pic to zoom...he has a snack!!

Another pic of the same Blue Heron, very pretty, never seen them before, only a Great Blue!!


  1. Is that a mimosa tree??

    It looks like Jimmy's been out there from the look of the turkey wings!


  2. I'm always amazed at the shells you find there. I've never seen anything like it here in So. Cal.
    I loved that quote. Even after 20 years in the desert, the beach is still home to me :-)