Monday, April 18, 2011

Full Moon!!

"May your time be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks and sand between your toes"

Good morning all!!  We had an early dinner in the Condo (Steaks on the grill !!) yesterday so we could stay out and enjoy shelling the low tide, and it was great!! I'm sure it was because it was full moon last night!! It certainly paid off! The sand bar came all of the way out and the water was so clear!!  There must have been millions of hermit crabs running around in the new formed tidal pool, it was such much space, so little time!  We saw live olives for the first time!!  Sorry I didn't take my camera, but maybe I can find one when I do have my camera to show you...I believe it is Olive season!  It's always such an adventure to see to the gulf floor we even saw a pod(?) of rays!!  Dolphin came in toward the beach...I wasn't so lucky with the camera this time, but they are such fun to watch from the Lanai!!

Yes Jess you are right Mimosa was what I was trying to remember, it finally came to be late yesterday afternoon!!  You win the prize!!....

We had a large group of shells, I was up late getting them ready for their viewing this morning!! I thought of you Daddy, there were at least 3 crabpots to dig around!! Not much fun to do by myself so I need you to come down and help!! :)

I took more pics of the tropical flowers....not sure of their names so I made up my own!!

Bell flower tree

Green Bean Tree


Junonia Jim's catch!

Kings Crown

True Tulip (orange) & Banded Tulips
Lace Murex and Alphabet cone!
My Catch!

Shell catch part 3!


Full Moon!

Tropical Full Moon!

I slept in this morning, and we went back into town for breakfast at Jerry's, so we could also stock up on some more of their fresh pastries!  So now you are all up to date!!


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