Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Moon "Day 2"

"The cure to anything is salt water....sweat, tears or the sea"...Isak Dinesen

Yesterday was another good day shelling...we just ran out of daylight!! I'm going to call it full moon #2 because it still is a really low tide...tonight will be the lowest tide of the week.  Unfortunately it will be at it's lowest at 9:00 tonight...but I plan on being there as long as I can!!

Prior to going shelling we just sat on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather, for several hours!!  it's been just gorgeous...low humidity, we had an umbrella up, and there was a nice breeze blowing across the water....close your eyes...are you there??

We did pretty well shelling...Junonia Jim shelled the tidal pool and I shelled the top edge of the shore.  We found good stuff, tulips, mini fighting conchs, tulips...Junonia Jim got himself a beautiful perfect small King's Crown and I actually got another Alphabet Cone too!!  I also got something'll have to wait until it's ready for you too see!!  Pics and a fun video....will be sent out later this evening!  Been doing work all day...time to hit the beach!!

Here are some more pics of our activities today!!

The Beautiful Gulf of Mexico!!


Seagull....or is it a Tern?

Shell Finds

Shell Finds part 2

Sharks eyes for Daddy!

Junonia Jim's Kings Crown!

Cones...Alphabet and Florida

an Ibis


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