Friday, February 12, 2016

R & R and Beach Bling Galore!

Hubby and I finally got a chance to head South, just in time to miss another sleet, ice and snow storm! It's a little chilly here in the morning, but I can handle it! I didn't get organized as early as usual, but was able to catch the sunrise as I was on the paradise causeway.

Sanibel Lighthouse

I had been seeing posts from the beaches on Sanibel about all of the beach bling, shells....just amazing 'STUFF' on the beach, so I had to see for myself, and I was truly amazed!....and glad I was a little later, too much to see with just the aid of a flashlight!
It went on as far as you could see...
There was everything you could imagine...
Sea Stars...

Huge Sponges...
Sting rays....

even Sharks!...

Piles of shells, pen shells, fighting conchs, just about everything you could imagine...

A perfect empty pear whelk...he came home with me!!
The most amazing thing to me was the huge horse conchs, all over the beach, all live...

There were so many, you just quit checking to see if they were live. Several people were moving them into the gulf, some were really buried deep.  So many in fact, a person on one of our facebook groups is planning on bringing her boat to shore to carry them way out in the gulf, and was recruiting people to help! it was just amazing.  
Both sides of an awesome scallop!
Beautiful colors on this sea urchin
Look at this tiny little crab on this bright orange sea sponge...he was very much alive!
I was out for about  2-1/2 hours and didn't travel very far down the beach. I found a few special things, mostly just took pictures...too many to post! (This will be a two part post as a result!) Will post my finds tomorrow!!... Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. I was thinking about you and wondering if you were there. I'm jealous and can't wait to see more pictures. have you been to Blind Pass?

    1. Kim.....It's been 4 months since we came down!!! A lot going on for us at home lately! No I haven't been to blind pass yet. Never have had much luck so I don't go very often!

  2. It's really cool to see all of that stuff, but makes me so sad! Hopefully you can make something cool out of the sea stars, etc. and find purpose for them :)

    Do you think it's all from the draining of Lake O? Or did Mother Nature do that?


    1. I know, it is really sad, but so fascinating! I think it's all (or mostly) from the storms, but it's hard to know!!......Maybe I need to stay until I figure it out!! ;D

  3. Thanks for posting your pics! It's amazing to see what the sea has coughed up!!!