Monday, February 15, 2016

Every Day is Different on the Beach!

I didn't go shelling on Valentine's Day, but I wanted to show you my finds from Saturday!

Not too bad! So many unusual things to see, I don't travel as fast as usual! I did find a pretty good sized Angel wing, not perfect, but I'll take it!
 I couldn't pass this huge scallop up either, it's unusual to find them all in one piece when they get this big!
 I'm collecting 'doubles' whenever I find them for an upcoming project!
...and last but not least, remember my Alphabet cone! For some reason, these have been difficult for me to find lately!

Today started with another beautiful sunset!

The 'beach bling' is still here, but it is slowly being washed back out to the gulf, so everyday is a little different.
Further down the beach I came up on an area that must have had thousands of live fighting conchs and banded tulips! I have NEVER seen so many, there was absolutely no way to catch them all in a photograph! 

It was amazing! There were still several of the huge Horse conchs hanging with them! All still alive!
I found this live Albino Fighting conch, so stark white!
...right next to this powder pink one!
I have no idea what in the world this is! I think it's some sort of a worm...freaky huh?!
and I guess you could call this a mussel condominium! So many live mussels in such a small space!
I hadn't found much to keep and as I headed back toward the car, I ran across an area where the surf was breaking that obviously had many buried shells, the surf would slowly uncover them, then cover them back up.  A couple had already found 2 huge empty horse conchs, and I managed to find several nice Lightning whelks in just a few seconds between waves! I tried to snap a picture to show what it looked like.
That pear whelk on the bottom left is live, but you had to be fast to grab whatever you could! The first thing I found was this beautiful lightning whelk!

Then another, and another, and tulips, most of what is here!

It was sooo much fun! But I had to head back to the car because I had to get to the shellcrafters at the community center....but that will have to be another post...stay tuned!! :)

I want to give a shout out to a fellow 'Shellinator'  Keelee Johnson in Missouri! She is 6 years old and has gotten very interested in shells so Several of us have shared our shells with her, and I couldn't resist the opportunity today to 'carve' her name in the sand for all to see....just like she was here with us!!
Stay tuned!!
::Shelllady Hugs::