Wednesday, February 17, 2016

14 Hours of Lightning Whelks

I wasn't able to go out first thing yesterday morning as we had terrible thunderstorms here starting at about 3 am. At 5:30 it sounded like a lightning bolt hit a tree just across our pond, so I decided not to go and to sleep in a little.  Of course, when I got up and went out about 7:15 it was a beautiful blue sky! 

So I decided I would try in the evening, and catch the sunset for a change!

It is just as beautiful on the beach at sunset.
Apparently the surf got pretty rough during the storms, as it washed away some of the beach and created a shelf.

It also helped clean up all the beach bling, it seems the beach is getting a little cleaner every day!
I walked quite a way down the beach, and about an hour before dark I ran across an area where the waves began bringing in shells, and quite a few lightning whelks! 

It was a blast, you had the time of one wave to grab what you could, I ended up soaked up past my knees, but got quite a few treasures...(and missed a few)!

I made a mental note of exactly where I was and would be back to this spot at first light! I hated to go, but it was growing dark and I didn't bring a light!!
Here is what I ended up with, in that short time..
18 Lightning Whelks and several bright orange scallops!

 ...and a tiny horse conch!
This morning was very foggy, you couldn't even see the Gulf until you got to the edge of it.

I was excited to get out there this morning, and made a quick walk to that same area. I couldn't believe the pile of shells there. There were already several people digging through the pile....and I found more lightning whelks!

There was an area right before it on the beach that had buried shells in it, I worked there too digging and found several treasures there as well! I spent 2 hours there and it STILL wasn't long enough! I had a BLAST!! But I had to head back home so I left a few for someone else to find! :)
The shell pile and the beach in front where digging found all kinds of treasures 
Close-up of the area to dig
There were still a few monster Horse Conchs, along the shoreline, this one had such beautiful color! I have never seen one this large with all this color, He was at least 12 inches long I would guess.
I dug up this Huge Lace Murex, but he was live, so I took his picture and carefully placed him back where I got him.

There were crucifix all over the beach today also...
I finally saw a spot of sunlight, just before I left around 9 am.
It stayed pretty cool since there was no sun... about 65 degrees! :)

Here are the results from today's trip!
25 Lightning Whelks this morning Lots of apple murex, and a bunch of jewel box pairs!
One Alphabet, not beautiful, but I kept it!
Jewel box pairs
2 King Crowns I dug up!
43 Lightning Whelks in about 14 much fun!! I will be giving some to our neighbors friend who is visiting, she loves them so she can take them back home with her!!

Stay tuned.....

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. What a bonanza. I never run into piles of great shells like that. You definitely have the touch.

    1. This is a first for me...such a blast! I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow!? :)