Monday, February 22, 2016

Night Shelling!

I have always wanted to try night shelling, especially during a low tide. Many years ago, my Dad and I went out late one evening, we had a good time, but didn't have much success. This week, I met a lady, in person, that I am facebook friends with, she wanted to go early also, and our Hubbys didn't want us to go alone, so we decided to try going out 4:00 am! It was a beautiful night, and as you might imagine, I don't have a lot of pics since it was dark, but I did take a few with the help of flashlights and flashes! The tidal pools were full of all kinds of life....most of what you see is live!

That is a beautiful LIVE true tulip in the center of this pic! 

This is a middle sized Horse Conch filled with a HUGE hermit crab!
Many Large Horse Conchs still there!
This is my Favorite size Horse conch! But this one is alive!
We had a great time, a lot of good conversation and found out we have a lot in common, though the shelling wasn't great! It was fun though, and I would definitely do it again! I think our Hubbys are relieved, that gets them off the hook, at least sometimes! :) 
Ironically her name is CHERI also!!!
We managed to catch another beautiful sunrise!

I ended up doing pretty well! Here are my finds!
Lightning Whelks, Horse conchs, Paper figs, banded tulips, and even a couple of angel wings!
Another nice size lightning whelk
King's Crown and Olives
Lightning Whelks, Gaudy Nauticas and Sharks eyes

Stay tuned....more to come!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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  1. How fun to meet up with a FB friend. That whelk is nice!