Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shelling is Spiritual

My time here is winding down, and as usual it has gone by much too quickly. My life here is very different from my 'real life', the beach is great therapy and God and I have many conversations along my early morning walks! My life up North is like everybody else, schedules, appointments, & daily routines. Here it is Shelling. I get up before the sun, go walking and shelling for a couple of hours... or more, get home, clean shells, take pictures of shells, take walks with my Hubby around the neighborhood and then blog about shells! I can't tell you how therapeutic that is, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I can only hope that I always appreciate it the way I do now, even if/when I get the opportunity to make this my full time home! 

I am a day this is Monday's post!

It was another beautiful sunset...

The Gulf was very calm, so I headed for the tidal pools....

It's always nice to find treasures in the tidal pools, but I enjoy seeing the live shells just as much! How beautiful is this?
Two of my favorite size horse conchs, both alive, and a sea star hanging out in a pen shell, a live banded tulip above and live fighting conch in the center....this is all under about 3 inches of water in the pool 
A congregation of live tulips and fighting conchs
My first live Keyhole Limpet!

and this tiny perfect little sea urchin, wearing a cross-barred venus shell!

I always manage to find some special things to bring I picked up my first Crucifix...I told you Shelling is Spiritual!! In many ways!
I love it when I have to hit the books to find what a shell is, today I had to hit it twice, I don't believe I have ever found either of these shells before....
a Sunrise Tellin...
...and I believe this is a Purplish Semele...
Here are all my finds....

Notice, I did get two Alphabet Cones, not in very good shape, but I kept them, they have become difficult to find lately!
Nice size and color Apple Murex...
..and Horse Conchs
A couple of Lace Murex....
One of which I called a "Jekyll and Hyde" Lace side is beautiful and lacy, and the other is very worn and ragged.

Maybe I will post today's adventure late tonight, then I will be on schedule!

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

PS So sorry for the messy post....Blogger is having issues today!!


  1. Love the crucifix - I haven't found one of those yet. Or a large horse conch.

    1. Well Kim, you need to get down here....we'll 'hook you up!' ;)

  2. It's obvious you are really enjoying your shelling time! Thanks for sharing your finds with us. I've never found a crucifix shell, either. Would love to some day. ��

    1. You and Kim need to plan another trip down here, we need to meet in person and find some neat stuff!!!

  3. I feel the same way about shelling as you. I live in Nebraska and so look forward to my therapy trips to the beach! We haven't made the commitment of buying a place yet but that is our plan. We hope to retire there some day... You found some great things. Love finding new things even if they are only new to me!

    1. Barb, we bought a place at Ft. Myers, 15 minutes away! We hope to retire here one day too, and hope to buy a place on Sanibel eventually! Don't know if that will ever happen, but we can hope!

      I love it when I have to go look up something new (to me) in my shelling books!