Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beach Bling, Another Day!

I said that I didn't pick up a lot yesterday, but I think I did pretty well! It's funny how every day there seems to be one thing that is easily found, today it was lightning whelks ....and paper figs. Paper figs are so fragile, but somehow they always show up when chaos hits the beach! Rarely do you find so many with such good color!
 I found a little bit of everything!
 This huge winged oyster was stuck in the middle of a pen shell...
 So ugly on the outside!
Of course I had to bring some of the bling home! :)
Sea Urchins, a Sea Whip and a sponge
And a couple of nearly perfect Millipede Sea Stars!
 Of course I can't resist the Scallop pairs.
 ...a pair of Sharks eyes
 and Gaudy Nautica


I got out to the beach a little earlier today, just in time to see another glorious sunrise, I will never grow tired of them, & they are never the same, but always beautiful!

The beach bling was there, but was different, this time it was mostly white shells...scattered among the pen shells

 ...with a few little strange creatures showing up here and there, like this batfish
 or this orange blobby thing, not sure what this is, but didn't investigate it too closely!
 This colorful blowfish, or blow toad they are sometimes called.
 This pink shrimp, as big as my hand!
Beautiful tulip egg cases, if you look closely, you can see some tiny tulips inside!
There were several areas where there were so many curly strings of these lightning whelk egg cases
and the horse conchs were still there, closer to the water, still alive in small groups

I found this beautiful 'teenager' bouncing around in the surf
This is my favorite size, and such beautiful color!

I had the perfect end to the day....finally an Alphabet Cone! It has been a long time since I have found one!
The adventure continues....

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Such great shells and that alphie is a gorgeous color. Is it cold??

    1. I have been pretty blessed this trip with good shells, and so many unusual things to see! I love it! It's been beautiful here, upper 50s to 60s until the sun comes up, then 70s. Perfect to me!! It's snowing and icing at home!!