Thursday, November 19, 2015

Not so Low Solo Monday

When we left home for Florida to checkout the water issues, with no known time frame of our trip, Hubby worked it out with his job so he would be able to telecommute from there. Since it was a workday, Monday, Hubby had to stay at our house to phone in for meetings and had lots of work to do. Can you imagine a better work environment??  I figured I could get out to the beach at sunrise and stay a couple of hours and still get back to make (and receive calls) from contractors.  So I decided to head out solo....not as much fun, but the bug had hit me and I had to go to the beach even though the tides weren't ideal!
The sand dollars were pushed up to the high tide lines, and made it difficult to walk without stepping on them!
Most of the shells were minis and were embedded in the sand, you definitely had to do a lot of bending and stooping (Sanibel Stoop) to see all the treasures. All you have to do is click each picture to enlarge it to do some cybershelling of your own!

I found so many sand dollars, and finally just quit picking them up!
Every day is always different at the beach, today it was shelling off of the surf line, to these embedded areas and the high tide line...

A piece of an Angel Wing
Almost a whole Angel Wing!
I found this guy, peeking through the grass at me, and felt like it was so appropriate since it was so close to Halloween!
I also found some beach art, someone thinks like I do! :) These were made out of red Mangrove seed pods which are called 'pencils' by us shellers.

This morning ended up a 'mini day' for much fun, I love the minis!
I put a quarter in the picture below so you could see how small these all are!

 A teeny tiny fighting conch and orange true tulip share this quarter!
I found some beach bling too! A sea whip and 2 sea urchins...of course they are no longer alive.
I really had a great time and I got back early, in time to continue on with contacting contractors to work on the house and work some more on my new project...

Stay tuned for more updates!



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    1. Thanks Kim, I haven't decided yet if I'm going to distress it with stain or sanding or both...or not at all! We'll see how it goes!