Monday, November 9, 2015

Working in Paradise

Due to the storms that had happened along the East coast the last few days, we already knew that we couldn't take a direct path to Ft. Myers.  If you remember, South Carolina had tremendous flooding over the last few days, and they had closed over 70 miles of Interstate 95.  Traffic was detoured west in SC for many miles, and there was a lot of traffic, but the detour went as smoothly as it could have so we arrived in Ft. Myers Monday afternoon.

The rest of the week was spent on the phone making contacts to have the 'water leak' at our house checked out, working mostly with our management company.  We still did not know what the source of the water was, rainwater or plumbing issues. Nothing was readily apparent! Finally on Friday, a roofing company got on the roof with a water hose while someone was in the attic and they found the source!  The ridge vent had pulled up apparently during the storms and the water came in there, ran down the rafter to the wall behind our toilet in the upstairs bathroom, pouring water on the floor there.  From there it traveled down to the kitchen ceiling!!  The roofers fixed the problem and checked it out with another water check! Finally....progress!!

Next step, repairs.....but first, the weekend!!! :)

Since we couldn't get any more work done due to the weekend, :) Hubby and I got up early Saturday morning and headed for a little R & R at the beach! 

It was a beautiful morning and very quickly we noticed it was Sand Dollar many sand dollars EVERYWHERE, every size! We saw the small sand dollars washing up last year, but these were all sizes, mostly larger!

It was difficult to walk without stepping on them!  The shelling was pretty good, lots of minis in small piles scattered along the shore.

I managed to get a video of one of the Sand dollars as the water washed along it.

Here is a sand dollar trail in the tidal pool! If you look closely you can see him still there!

I think we had a pretty good day, what do you think?
Hubby's finds
My finds

Both Hubby and I found pieces of Junonia, which is fairly rare!

 And LOTS of Olives!!
The beach therapy continues....stay tuned!



  1. So glad they found the source of the water without tearing up walls and ceilings.

    Love the beach shots and you got some great shells.

    1. Me too Kim, we were so puzzled for a while! So happy to have found it!!
      The shelling is great therapy!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandy!! The beach is certainly good therapy!!