Friday, November 6, 2015

A Crazy October!

The month of October originally started out pretty much as any other, it is Hokie (Virginia Tech) football season, and we are season ticket holders, so we had a plan. We were to have 2 games on back-to-back weekends, October 3rd and the 9th. We always tailgate and try to have at least 2 meals at the tailgate on game day. 

Even Lily is a Hokie!
Joseph, our littlest Hokie
I decided I would have Hubby leave me there after the first game, I would look after Joseph and help with the cooking etc. for the week and go back home with Hubby the next week, after the game....and did I mention, the 3rd was my birthday, so I was really looking forward to having a 'birthday week' with the kids!

Well Mother Nature did not cooperate, we got a blast of N'oreaster Storms that rolled in, so we had to adjust our plans! Hubby and I have spent many games in the rain, and after 12 seasons, we decided that was no longer fun for us.  So we stayed home for my Birthday, watched the game on TV from the couch. Just before the game started, we got a call from Carol, the lady that looks after our house in Ft. Myers.  She had some bad news. We had water in our house, upstairs AND downstairs! They too had had many storms, and Carol had found water standing in our upstairs bathroom, and 'bubble things' (she called them) over our kitchen bar.  She and the neighbor were working with our HOA down there to find out what happened. They said we didn't need to come down, they were working it and would stay in touch, but they sent us some pics...
See the bubbles of water in the ceiling?? 

Happy Birthday to me, right?? :(

So, I headed to Christiansburg on the 4th for the week, with plans to meet with Hubby on the 9th for that game. I had a great week with Joseph and he and his Mom and Dad gave me the BEST birthday gift!!...and took me out to dinner too!! Talk about feeling special!!

How awesome is this, it is a canvas they had it customized with a coral background to perfectly match our Florida home!! The card was customized too!!

We had a great week, Joseph had just turned 7 months old and is such a joy, I think he learns so much everyday!
After a ride with Mommy down the steps!
I have got to learn to keep my mouth closed for these selfies!! :)
"Gammaw, come get me out of jail!!"
Such a Happy Boy! Daddy is feeding him homemade babyfood...Butternut squash!
Here is Joseph doing his 'Army crawl'.  He goes back and forth between this and a crawl on 'all fours', mostly he likes to crawl to something, then stand up and walk!! Such a big boy!! <3

As the next weekend approached, so did the storms....Hubby ended up staying home, and not coming for the game....we also watched this one from the couch....and could hear the fireworks at the game outside! 

During the week, Hubby continued talking with the folks in Florida, and it looked like we had to head down to assess the damage, find the source, and get some repairs done! I drove home on Sunday morning (about 300 miles), unpacked, did laundry and repacked and early Monday (Oct 12) we left for Florida! 

I hadn't been able to go since April, and Hubby had been twice, so working or not, I was really looking forward to the trip to our second home!  :)

So stay tuned .... I did FiNALLY make it to the beach!!


  1. Joseph looks adorable in his VT onesie!

    Happy belated birthday. SO sorry about the water damage in Florida. Water damage seems to be a problem at our KY house too for some reason. I'm curious to hear what caused the damage. It almost looks like a broken pipe.

    Oh, and I LOVE your new header. Nice bracelet. :-) xo

    1. Thank you Kim and Yes, Someone very special made that for me!! xoxo The pic is too large, and I can't figure out how to make it smaller, I also wanted to put one (or maybe 2) beside it, but can't figure this out...too frustrated at this point! How did you get 3 pics on yours?

    2. I don't really remember but I think it was thru Picmonkey. Here's a link that may help: