Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Last Hurrah

Team Cheri went out one last time, yesterday and I'm heading home today! :(

Last Beach Report: I noticed a bit of Red Tide as we got to the beach, but it seemed to get better as we continued walking....There were dead fish on the beach, that had been there for some time, and Cheri noticed several in the water that will end up on the beach, eventually.  I actually saw a live eel in the water that kind of freaked me out....good that he's alive, though I wasn't interested in sharing my space with him! I can only assume that the dead fish will continue to drift in until something is done about all of on to the fun....

I did a lot of shelling on the beach, apparently the high tide line and along the edge of where the trucks had been cleaning the beach....and found several of these bright orange Scallops....

I found this tiny Melampus along the edge of the tire tracks....
and was lucky with the Baby's Ears again this time....

 This one was the biggest I have seen!  So this is the Shell of the day for this trip!

The Olives were pretty plentiful....I found this one, that was kinda neat with the repair he had done....
Cheri found two Awesome Olives....definitely her finds for the day.....

Like she said, they were 'fresh kills', which means that they probably died as a result of all the water issues..... Cheri also found this awesome orange Turban....
 and I picked up this 'freakish' Fighting Conch....I love finding unusual shells like this!

I Almost got an Alphabet cone....

Some of the shells you find these days still has some part of the animal remaining in them, I found several Lightning Whelks, and even a Kings Crown that had just a bit left in the shell, needless to say, a thorough washing out in the water then, boiling and soaking in bleach is necessary when I get home....Didn't have the time to arrange these for a pretty picture....gotta get them cleaned up before my plane leaves!!

I love Sanibel Island, and it is so sad to see what has happened here and all of the beaches and canals nearby, even sadder is that I don't really believe that anything is being done to fix this....can you imagine? 

Take care, and I will be talking to you again soon!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. Take care, Cheri, thanks so much for the updates. I hope when you return, everything will be better. ps, those coquinas by the baby's ear! Hope you picked them up! :)

    1. Thanks Jo, I hope things get better too, but I don't know!! Yes, I did get the coquinas!!! :)

  2. Beautiful shells ladies!!! While I’m a Floridian, I’ve just recently gotten into shelling. I’ve managed to gather some beautiful shells over the past year, as well as pick up a hefty obsession for searching through the sandy West Coast of FL every chance I get a day to enjoy doing so. I live in Cape, so while I’m close, sometimes it’s a day trip in doing so.

    I found one on Marco Island the other day that I’ve never seen before, and I’m really wondering what it is. I ran across the blog while searching for the species online. While I didn’t find it, I was excited to discover that I found other ladies like me out there. I’m thankful to know I’m not the only one obsessed with these beautiful possessions, and there’s others of you out there! Is there a way to upload a pic from my side of the blog, so maybe someone can identify it for me?


    1. Crystal....I don't know of a way to have you post your pic through this blog! I will try to figure something out! Meanwhile...are you on facebook?There is a facebook page called The Shellinators...we are a group of Shellers who love to share and help each other identify are welcome to join that.....Cheri and I are both Admins....Meanwhile, I'll try to see if there is a way to post your pic!