Sunday, August 12, 2018

Day Four...We can Always Wentle!

We decided to head up to Blind Pass, as most of you know, it's where Sanibel and Captiva Island connect. It was a NW wind and let me tell you....the Red Tide was so bad there that Cheri and I couldn't take it! It normally doesn't bother either of us too bad, but this was unbearable! We did walk down the beach, and the erosion was crazy....much of the beach was gone, and it has all changed in the month since I was last there! 

We were there about 30 minutes and had to leave....the wind was blowing toward the shore and the Red Tide was choking us both!....and there was still a lot of death on the beach so the smell was bad too...
I did pick up a piece of Sea Glass, which is very unusual on Sanibel!

Back to the Lighthouse....

Neither of us noticed any Red tide here, it was very calm, though the dark water and dead wildlife is a constant reminder....We did see a pelican there that actually landed on the beach....not in the water.
We went searching for minis....In case you don't know this, Cheri, in our little group, is known as the Wentle whisperer or Queen....she has constant radar running for them and can really find those little guys....see what I mean?
I can find them if they're like this....

But that is rarely the have to be diligent and look very closely! I ended up with these for the evening....not too bad!
With the current state, with so many dead and dying have to be so many tiny bones....(click on the pic to make it larger, then click the x to return) It becomes very difficult to pick up the tiny Wentletraps and Rice Olives.....see the bones in there? By the Billions!
Wentling is one of my favorite things to do....and it is very therapeutic! Cheri and I do it very often!

I was rewarded on the way back to the car with a BEAUTIFUL, Huge Shark's eye! Sadly half of him was still in there, another reminder....

I left a little bit early....but did manage to snap a picture on my way back home! Always gotta have a little sunshine!

Stay Tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::

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