Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Sad Day Shelling at Sanibel

We are back in our paradise. Unfortunately our paradise island, Sanibel, as well as over 100 miles of shoreline along the west coast of Florida, is currently under attack by Red Tide, Blue Green algae and Sanibel is on the path of the constant release of water from Lake Okeechobee, which is highly polluted with chemicals.  The water is awful, a deep Root beer color, and there has been dead sealife all over the island beaches. Sanibel has been working non-stop, cleaning the beaches of the death, but it is an ongoing process. They are doing a great job of keeping it as cleaned up as possible. Pictures I have gotten from Cheri from a few days ago were beyond belief.  Keep in mind, I have no agenda, I own a house in Ft. Myers and this is my home, so I will show you what I elaboration, but plenty of emotion that I will keep in check. This has all become so political here in Florida and so much drama, and inaccurate reports, something needs to be done, and soon.

Cheri Posted this on facebook yesterday, it says so much to me! She is speaking for those with no voice. Hopefully the word is slowly getting out....have you seen anything about it yet where you live?

From here on out, I plan on keeping these posts political-free and as positive as possible....but with no coverups!

Red tide affects different folks, different ways. It's usually respiratory issues, cough, running nose etc. It really attacks my Hubby. Me, not so much. I didn't know what to expect as I headed across the causeway, I didn't expect to see any birds at all.  I did see a few Ibis on the Ft. Myers 3, and an Osprey on the bridge, so immediately I was feeling better. The water was so dark.....Cheri had already 'scouted' the beaches on the island to find which one seemed the best, and she said that today the Lighthouse was where Team Cheri's adventure was going to start! When I got out of the car, I did smell a slight fish smell, and had a couple of small coughs. 

The upper beach was very clean, obviously swept, and there were vehicles working it. It was approaching low tide, so there was fish that were being deposited as the tide went out.....Lots of Crucifix, as they're called, which is actually from a catfish...

There were also newly dead fish, that still had they're color....

I believe this i a Spanish Mackeral....
 check out those teeth!
 ...and this beautiful Cowfish.....
a Batfish....

and hundreds of Sea Squirts!

...and Billions of Bubbles! On the beach....
and in the water....
There were live Bubbles in a small tidal pool! They were walking along in line....Cheri called it a 'Bubble train'!
Here's a closeup of a live one in her hand!

Cheri (The Wentletrap Whisperer) found the Biggest Wentletrap I have ever seen! It was Gorgeous!!!
She also found a Sea Biscuit, a first for her!
There were several Baby's Ears out there too....this is a monster sized one Cheri also found!
I found a couple of firsts for me also....things to lookup in the books.....

I believe this is a Dove Snail....

This thin little shell, I still have not been able to find in the books....So thin and fragile, it is clear when it's wet....maybe a smooth Duck Clam? Will have to research it a little more!

We did find a few more live was nice to see that some sealife is surviving, for now....
a live Sand Dollar....
a live Kings Crown...this guy has been around a long time!

Let me take the opportunity now to give you some advice.....wear shoes! I know, that seems like the smart thing, an obvious thing, right?! I guess I have too much Carolina in me....I had them on, but took them off before I left the car! It was all going just fine....we walked all the way around the point, and back. I was talking, not paying the attention that I should, I guess. I saw a catfish right on the waterline....he was badly decayed but sitting up, not on his side, apparently I didn't lift my foot high enough to clear him, and caught his dorsal fin in my foot! Not sure what I said, but I don't think it was G rated. Spilled my shells, looked down and the bone was sticking out of my foot! So I had to grab and pull....and pull....and finally it came out! Here's a picture of what it looked like...not THE one, but same size...
Sure wish I hadn't done that! Cheri very nicely picked up my spilled shells, and I headed to clean it up and PUT MY SHOES ON!

It's fine, I'm watching it and cleaning it worries!

We did pretty well with the minis, which I love! 
 I couldn't resist these jaws with the teeth....who knows what they belong to!

There were areas where the smell was bad, areas where the bugs would eat us we would just continue on....every day is definitely going to be very different! 

The Sanibel Sunsets, never disappoint!

Stay tuned!

::Shelllady Hugs::


  1. This all makes me so sad. My sister was in Naples last week and she said it was horrible there. They usually spend all day at the beach and she said they didn't go in the Gulf one time because the smell was so bad. They spent all their time in the pool.

    They drove to Sanibel one afternoon and walked a few beaches which she said were horrible - dead fish everywhere and the smell beyond belief.

    My niece was supposed to be married on the beach in Naples last week and they had to move the wedding inland because the beach was so disgusting.

    Thanks for the report and the pictures.

    1. It's unbelievable Kim! I understand that I have missed the worst of it though, and I can't imagine it! Hopefully our island will recover....and soon!

  2. The duckclam appears to have the channels in it, making it a channeled duckclam I believe. I find those here in NE Florida in the Crescent Beach area.

    1. Thanks Jann, We typically call them Sailors ears here, this one is somewhat different!