Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Day at Sanibel.....

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.  ~Carol Sobieski

Between errands, Jess, Brad and I went out to the causeway beach to see if there was anything new, we went to both islands and just found very few small shells, most of which seemed fossilized.  We had very little so opted to put it in a bag and clean it when we get home.  I can post pics then....that will make the trip seem a little longer....right?  After one more trip to Sanibel Fish house for our final dinner, we went out on the beach at about 8:00 and walked all the way down (nearly to Sundial) looking for the tidal pool, and had no luck. The Gulf was rough all day, and the low tide wasn't until very late so we didn't find even a single shell to keep.  We have decided we are becoming sort of 'Shell snobs' especially since we have gotten so much this trip.

I have enjoyed this trip more than most, probably because we all needed it so badly and we got to visit with Jess and Brad away from the caos that has been in our lives lately...(after all it took us almost a week to relax!).  I hope you all enjoyed it too...Hubby and I will be back hopefully pretty least to our new house in Ft. Myers.....remember, it's only 15 minutes and $6.00 from this beautiful place!!

It's a long two day trip back home to Virginia, then we are off to NC the next day for a big family reunion! goes on!



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  1. Loved your trip reports and you got some amazing shells. Have a safe trip home!