Sunday, June 23, 2013


Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer ~William S. Burroughs

We have finally learned to relax and take it easy, it seems funny to me that it took nearly a week for all of us to do so, and we all hit that mode at the same time!!
Brad chose to read while in the pool
We teased him because he would walk around while reading, I just floated around the pool! :)
Hubby and I also love to sit on the beach
ahhhhhh just slow methodical waves
...Watching Ibis feed
.....and pelicans fish
...and Frigates soar!! 
 Hubby did it!! No, he didn't find a Junonia but he decided to take a seat anyway in the tidal pool to do some digging! He says he has done it before, but I don't remember it at all! I was very excited that he chose to 'get with the program' and be comfortable while doing the extreme shelling (notice the glove)! Unfortunately it didn't pay off as well today.  The 'honey hole' we found yesterday ran out. 

Jess picked up this pen shell that had an inhabitant with the shells
She decided to get creative with my waterproof about this for a cool shot?! See the crab?
Here he is from another view!
Jess also found this cool looking Brittle Star while digging

 Hubby and Jess left the area because the shelling was not so good, but Brad and I were persistent and continued digging in the same area, and finally found another spot that seemed promising when we got chased in by a thunderstorm! Brad went back out after the storm, but it was soon dark and he couldn't find the exact same spot again.  We are going to have to investigate this further tomorrow night, we have another couple of nights of really low tides, although they are getting into the night now! But we are determined!

We ended up doing pretty well! Hubby found a BEAUTIFUL King's crown in a pen shell on his way back up the beach!! It's one of the prettiest I've seen and it's HUGE!!

Hubby and My finds
BEAUTIFUL King's crown
I got another Alphabet Cone!
Brad and Jess did well too!!
Pear Whelks, King's Crowns, and even a sand dollar and Sea Urchin!!
Brad also got more of his favorite nutmegs, tulips and an Alphabet cone!
...and lots of minis!

We had another great day in paradise! Thanks for coming along with us!



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