Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Fun Friday!!

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday started out as a lazy day for all of us, we finally relaxed.  The only plan was to have an early dinner and get out to the beach early to take advantage of the REALLY low tide of -.45 that was scheduled for 7:00.  That meant we wanted to be out there around 5 or so.  Jess and I went to the pool and floated in the salty water for an hour or so mid day and Brad and Hubby did some had finally slowed down for us all!! We went to an early dinner at one of our new favorite places, Sanibel Fish House.  It really is very good, and VERY reasonably priced! We had the smoked fish dip (tuna) for an appetizer and it was amazing, then Fish tacos for Hubby and I, Jess had the Coconut shrimp and Brad had a chicken caesar salad.  It was all wonderful, and plenty as we brought home a couple of 'to go' boxes!

Brad and Hubby got out to the beach first, Brad was on a mission to head down to where we think the old crab pot is and start digging when the tide is low, and Hubby usually shells on the sand bar.  Jess and I followed later by just moseying down the beach in the tidal pool....when Jess stumbled upon a pile of buried pen shells....I believe her words were, "Holy Guacamole!"  We soon began digging in the pen shells....mind you, we wear gloves!! :)  We got Hubby's attention first, and he joined in, then managed to get Brad's attention and the 4 of us worked out of that same area for at least a couple of hours, and what a bounty!! Hubby never sits down in the surf/water, but promised to do so after he found his first Junonia....alas, no Junonia....this time, But mostly everything else!
Hubby and Jess' finds for today!
Mine and Brad's bounty!
Hubby found a BEAUTIFUL Gaudy Nautica as well us the dainty pear whelk, both sides of a kitten paw, Olives, augers, fighting conchs and a banded tulip 
Hubby also got an Alphabet cone, Nutmegs and apple Murex...check out the huge fossilized one!!
Jess was the winner of the day with the Alphabet cones! She kept 4, but threw back at least that many that were badly pitted!
She found an array of shark's eyes, and olives and 3 beautiful paper figs!! She ended the night with the huge sharks eye, a fitting tribute to my Dad who LOVED to dig, and it was his most favorite shell! We got 52 Sharks eyes between the 4 of us...Daddy would be proud!!
Jess found some awesome true tulips and banded tulips also! 
..and an array of cones!
.....Apple murexs, turbans and a BEAUTIFUL Angel wing
she seems to always find a Keyhole limpet
I did pretty well with the Sharks eyes too, olives...and got me a nice Alphabet cone  and various sized fighting conchs.
Tulips, nutmegs, murex and lots of minis!
My Alphie... 
...and an array of other cones!
Brad wins the prize of the day for the most shells!!
He got this beautiful lightning whelk!! Look at the rich color!
An array of Florida Cones... 
....and Look at the sharks eyes...with that pretty little King's crown in the corner! 
He also got a Big and Tiny Alphabet cone in among the apple murex and tulips
And his favorite....Nutmegs!
Here they are digging...notice Hubby is still standing and Sanibel Stooping!
We left a few pen shells on the beach...
...and in the water!
Brad and Jess at work!
Hubby at work with his glove on!!
The end to another beautiful day in paradise!

Here is to hoping that Hubby will sit down on the next low tide!! :)

I Love this place!!




  1. Ok, are you actually digging holes in the water? We dug, dug, dug holes up in the sand, near pens shells, but we were NOT in the water. We never found ONE single thing. I am so in awe of what you found.

    1. Yes Kim, in the water....never had much luck in the sand, but have met people who do!!