Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally...Summer Vacation in paradise!

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity.  ~Author Unknown

Greetings from beautiful Sanibel Island! We finally made it!! It seemed to take so long to get here as we all needed this vacation so badly!! We hace been relaxing and getting settled in and it has been great!! Yesterday (Sunday-Father's Day) was our first full day here and we spent a lot of the day on the beach.  The tides aren't great yet and the shelling is not great but that's will improve!!  I was hoping to get the remnants from Andrea but alas we were too late!! :)

Jess and I snapped some pics to share! Enjoy being on the beach with us!!

Jess ran across these mini sand dollars while digging with hubby Brad (in background).  Of course they all went back after this photo shoot!!

This light guy looked like he might be dead, but he was still moving the little hairs around!

I found this little guy up on the beach, he was obviously dead and dried out!
 Our "home" this week, Island Beach Club.

Coquina digging in after the wave

of Course Lily is with us!! :)
Turtle nests

We Love the beach!! <3
The pool at Island Beach Club

Lily with her stick.....She loves to collect them then chew them on the towel!
Hubby on Father's Day!!
Hubby's Father's Day Pineapple cake!!
Here are Brad's shells for the day.....notice the circle at the top!! Yep....that's a Junonia piece!!
Jess' shells

We had Father's Day breakfast at Jerry's and dinner at Sanibel Fish house!! We really enjoyed them both, and the Fish House will very likely become a new favorite!!

Like I said, the shelling is not that great YET! But hopefully we will have some great shell reports to share soon!! We will keep you posted!! : )




  1. I love the pictures. It looks so beautiful there. Enjoy. Hi Lily!!

  2. What a wonderful first day and fathers day!! Sooo look forward to more posts!! Lily will be happy collect sticks while her humans collect shells!! Lol...that's too cute!

  3. What a nice part of the beach to stay on. Have a shellicious time!

    1. Karen, We are planning to do some "shark toothing" this trip!! I hope you and your Mom are doing well!!

  4. Hi. So happy to see you are on Sanibel. I am a little surprised that you are staying on island since you live in Ft Meyers but would do the same if I were in your shoes. Happy shelling! Please post lots of pics!!

    1. Roxanne, we had already booked this and decided to keep it....we're right here all the time this way!!

  5. Looks like you had a nice day to start your trip. If anyone will find the shells, I know it will be you! Can't wait to see more posts. Loved the coquina photo.

    1. Kim, Like Chablis, Jess likes to take my camera and get those shots....that's her photography!! :)