Friday, June 21, 2013

CBJ's Big Adventure Part II

“Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. ” ~ Jimmy Buffett

Today we decided to go back to Ft. Myers to the grocery and planned on stopping back at the causeway to see what has come since we were there.  The tides were going out and we walked a while in the shallows and managed to have a little bit of adventure along the way! I like it when we have to hit the books when we get home to identify animals and shells!
This little guy was very interested in us... 
And this one continued snacking while we snapped his pic!
I believe this is a Mossy Ark
There were bunches of hermits in Sharks eyes, this is obviously the favorite shell in this neck of the woods!
A syphon, we found out it was from an angel wing who had recently expired!!
I believe this is a Sea Hare
Underwater view of the Sea Hare, (cool pic Brad!!)
We found several shells we had not seen before, and after a little while headed back to the condo for an early dinner and some wonderful Key Lime Pie at Gramma Dot's. We wanted to get back out to the beach early for the low tides! 
Unfortunately our plans were interrupted by an ominous thunder storm that was quickly approaching. But we still did okay though Brad had big plans to dig in the tidal pool until at least dark!!
Brad and Jess' shells for the day
The odd looking augers are called Boring turretsnails we believe, the one on the bottom we were never able to identify!
Olives, Sharks eye, Rose tellins, gaudy nautica, a beautiful little King's Crown, pear whelks and tulips
These unusual looking guys (from l to r) are called a spindle shell and Dove shells  (I think)
tiny cones and murex

We also found pear whelks and a perfect little paper fig
Hubby found this Alphabet cone
More Boring Turretsnails and a seems they are related!
Marginella and/or Melampus
Like I said earlier, it was like an adventure finding new and different things! Some of the shells found on the causeway appear to be fossilized which is always interesting.  Hopefully we will explore this area some more before we leave!

Thanks for tagging along!!



PS...check out Jess on the I love Shelling pics here...she's in the first one and the 6th and 7th one!!


  1. I've been reading along Cheri this whole time just haven't posted many comments yet!! Keep the posts coming!!

    The kids are finding great stuff. I can't believe how many nutmegs you guys have found! And cones..oh and kings...I have yet to find one...

    I love how you guys explore and find just as much life as you do shells!!

    we leave tomorrow for OBX-Avon!!!

    1. Traci, We love the adventure of it all!! Jess' says she enjoys the live shells as much or more as the shelling!! ( I guess that is the vet in her) :) Have a great trip to OBX and keep US posted!!

  2. I am DROOLING over your shells - you are the best shellers! Hey, when you eat at The Fish House, be sure to get their cheesecake stuffed with the key lime pie - to die for!!

    1. We got it!! It was AWESOME!!! Their cheesecake is already a close second to Gramma Dots!!! Next time you go try the fish dip!!

  3. You guys found some awesome shells! I don't think I've ever seen dove or spindle shells. Way to go! Hope you're having an awesome trip.

    1. We had never seen them either, had to pull out the books for those....and others!! We ARE having an awesome trip...Thanks!!